Traditional Markets in Paraguay

Traditional Markets is one of reasons to visit Paraguay. Because to the import market, Paraguay has a diverse choice of items. Because of its status as one of the world's largest free trade zones, Ciudad del Este is particularly well-known for its low-cost electronic products. Handcrafted lace and loosely woven cotton outfits are examples of traditional items. Another great souvenir is the cup used to drink the national beverage terere, known as a guampa. These items, as well as raw yerba mate tea, are widely available in open-air markets and shops.

Visit Mercado Cuatro, one of Paraguay's most famous markets for unique goods. You will witness many colored birds, newly made and ripped DVDs, and spices from various nations. Beautiful leather handbags and handcrafted laces are available for purchase. However, bargain hard to get enough to gift to your friends when you return. You may also photograph them and share them with your friends via social media platforms such as Whatsapp and Facebook. They might also require them. Save them time and money by not having to come over and buy for them.

The Plaza de los Heros is Asuncion's primary market. A variety of handicraft products are available here, including ao po'i or lienzo, which are loose weave cotton textiles. Other indigenous crafts and guampa cups are also available. Folklore (Mariscal Estigarribia) is a good shop that sells a variety of items, including andut, traditional lace products. Traditional leather goods can also be found here.

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