Best time of the year to visit Austria

The greatest time to visit Austria is in the spring and fall, when the weather is mild. During such seasons, temperatures will be warmer and there will be fewer people. Between June and August is the busiest tourist season. Austria can be visited all year. Whether you visit in the winter or the summer, there will always be intriguing things to do.

Consider combining your trip with one of the many seasonal festivals and events that occur throughout the year. Here are a few highlights from Austria's calendar:

  • Christmas – as mentioned, it is the best time to visit Austria in December and it’s one of the best times to visit the country. The decorations and markets are incredible, and if you are looking for the picture-perfect European Christmas, this is the time for you to visit!
  • Viennale International Film Festival – It takes place in Vienna every October. This film festival screens a diverse selection of films in theaters across the city. Throughout the festival, there are numerous events, galas, and talks.
  • Vienna Ball Season – Every year on November 11th, it begins. However, the months of January and February are the busiest. Hundreds of wonderful balls take place around Vienna's most magnificent and historical venues during this period.
  • Vienna Popfest – Every July, this four-day music event features several Austrian pop artists. It takes place in the Karlsplatz church, which is a fantastic location for this event.
  • Danube Island Festival – This festival, which attracts roughly three million visitors each June, turns Vienna's Danube Island into a party island. Musicians from all around the world perform, and there are plenty of delicious food and drink options.
  • International Art Fair – This annual art exhibition draws artists from all around the world to Vienna in the autumn. The Leopold Museum houses a diverse collection of art, so whether you prefer modern or classical art, now is the time to go.

Public holidays occur throughout the year, and you may expect businesses and banks to be closed, as well as attractions and museums to have reduced hours. January 1st and 6th, Easter Monday, May 1st, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Corpus Christi, August 15th, October 26th, November 1st, December 8th, and December 24th-26th are among the holidays. This is one of the top Things about Austria You Should Know before traveling to this beautiful country.

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