Another factor to consider before making your travel plans is the weather in Austria. The moderate continental climate characterizes Austria. The humidity level in the nation is extremely high. The annual temperature averages around 10 degrees Celsius. The varied weather in the plains and mountainous regions is a unique feature of the country. Summer in Austria has a pleasant temperature.

Even in July, there is no extreme heat in mountainous regions up to 100 meters above sea level, thus there is no reason for a fiesta in Austria. In the summer, the maximum temperature reaches 33 degrees Celsius, with an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Even in the summer, temperatures in the highlands can drop below zero. The weather is highly windy, and it frequently snows and rains.

Summers in Vienna are hot, while winters are frigid and dry. In July, temperatures in Vienna can reach 80°F/27°C. Winters are cold and snowy, with temperatures below 0 in January. Spring and fall include a little rain, but they are still the ideal periods to visit Austria if you want to escape the extreme highs and lows. Between December and March is Austria's prime ski season.

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