Getting to Austria

Austria is bordered by seven other countries and is readily visited as part of a trip around Europe. It has excellent transit links with the rest of Europe, including the international airport in Vienna. You can also fly into one of the regional airports, or even Bratislava, Slovakia, which is only 75 minutes away by bus.

On board, you may already enjoy Austrian hospitality and award-winning service. Austrian Airlines offers direct flights to Vienna from a number of cities across the world.

Austrian Airlines
is the country's largest airline, with a global network of over 130 destinations. With 37 destinations throughout Central and Eastern Europe, this route network is exceptionally dense. The company's base at Vienna International Airport is a perfect gateway between East and West due to its advantageous geographical location in the heart of Europe. Austrian Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, the first global airline alliance, and is part of the Lufthansa Company, Europe's largest airline group.

Trains and buses connect Vienna to other major European cities such as Bratislava, Budapest, and Prague, and it's also easy to go by train to Italy, Germany, and Croatia.

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