Coco River

Coco River (Miskitu) or Ro Coco (Spanish), historically known as the Ro Segovia, Cape River, or Yara River, is a river in northern Nicaragua that flows into southern Honduras. With a total length of 841 kilometers, it is the longest river wholly within the Central American isthmus (523 mi).

Coco River rises in the Somoto Canyon National Monument near the Pan American Highway's Nicaraguan border and travels 841 kilometers (523 miles) through low hilly terrain to the Caribbean Sea at Cabo Gracias a Dios; the river's middle and lower parts define the Honduras-Nicaragua boundary.

The Ro Coco was nearly 11 metres (36 feet) above normal stage on September 7, 2007, two days after category 5 Hurricane Felix made landfall, according to major international news wires. As it makes its way to the Caribbean Sea, the Coco River forms the border between the two countries. This river is one of longest rivers in Nicaragua.

Length: 841 km

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