Río Grande de Matagalpa

The Rio Grande de Matagalpa (Spanish pronunciation: [mataalpa], Miskito: Awaltara, Matagalpa: Ucumulal) is a Nicaraguan river. It is Nicaragua's second longest river, stretching 430 kilometers (270 miles) from its source in Matagalpa to the Caribbean Sea in the northern section of the South Caribbean Autonomous Region. The city and municipality of La Cruz de Ro Grande are named for it. On Rio Grande de Matagalpa's lower reaches, the Tumarn Dam is being built.

We can see the tributary's lengthy path and some of its repercussions from this vantage point. It will continue on its lengthy journey until it reaches the Caribbean. Furthermore, we will be able to enjoy its flow and see that it is not a river that follows a straight path, but rather the contrary.

El Tuma in the Department of Matagalpa and Mulukuku in the North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region are the two main cities on the river's banks. President Luis Somoza Debayle chose to build the Mancotal Dam in 1964 to create Nicaragua's first artificial lake. It is one of the longest rivers in Nicaragua.

Length: 430 km


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