Escondido River

In southeastern Nicaragua, the Escondido River (Spanish: Ro Escondido) is a river. It stretches about 89 kilometers (55 miles) until emptying into the Caribbean Sea near Bluefields in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region.

Escondido River connects the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines and serves as a significant transportation hub. From Rama to Bluefields, the Escondido Rivers provide travel routes for exploration, trade, and enjoyment. For many of the earth's creatures, thisRiver provides ideal habitat and nourishment.

Rivers provide a diverse range of unusual plants and trees. The riverbanks are home to ducks, voles, otters, and beavers. Along the riverbanks, reeds and other vegetation such as bulrushes flourish. This is a beautiful river and is ideal for those who like to enjoy the beauty of nature. Visitors can come in any season of the year. You can see the nature surrounding the river. You can take a dip in the river's waters when summer comes. It is one of the longest rivers in Nicaragua.

Length: 89 km

Top 6 Longest Rivers in Nicaragua

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