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Habitat is an iconic interior and homeware brand with a rich history, founded in 1964. It holds a special place in the hearts of many British consumers for offering well-designed and accessible homewares on the high street, which was a rarity outside London at that time.

With a diverse product range that includes rugs, furniture, lamps, and ornaments, Habitat has continuously expanded its offerings to provide customers with greater access to well-designed and affordable home products. The brand's focus on British design results in thoughtful and functional homewares and furniture, constantly innovating and finding solutions to suit modern lifestyles.

Under new ownership, Habitat has heavily invested in its online presence, making the website its "brand home" and a platform for connecting with customers through editorial-style content and product offerings. The company also guarantees timely delivery of smaller items and larger furniture pieces, making online shopping a seamless experience. As a result, online sales now account for a significant portion of its business revenue.

Recent collections have been attuned to current trends, with the rattan bed and figurative cushions and rugs featuring Picasso-esque eye and hand motifs gaining substantial popularity among consumers. With its unique blend of homeware and fashion, Habitat continues to evolve and resonate with a diverse audience, further solidifying its position as a leading homeware brand in the UK.

Founded: 1964

Founder: Terence Conran, Philip Pollock

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.habitat.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/habitatuk/

Screenshot of https://www.habitat.co.uk/
Screenshot of https://www.habitat.co.uk/
Screenshot of https://www.habitat.co.uk/
Screenshot of https://www.habitat.co.uk/

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