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Maisons du Monde, or "House of the World" in English, is a popular French homeware, furniture manufacturer and retailer that was founded in 1996. With its headquarters located in Nantes, France, the brand has expanded its presence and now operates stores across Europe and beyond. As of now, Maison du Monde has established its presence in 11 European countries.

Maison du Monde is renowned for its diverse and eclectic range of homeware products and furniture, including furniture for every room in the house, home accessories, lighting, textiles, and decorative pieces. Its collections draw influence from various cultures. Whether customers seek modern, classic, bohemian, or vintage-inspired pieces, Maison du Monde offers diverse preferences and helps them create ideal living spaces.

With a strong focus on staying current with the latest trends and design concepts, Maison du Monde regularly introduces new collections that reflect contemporary tastes and lifestyles. Each item is designed with careful attention to detail and quality, ensuring that Maison du Monde delivers stylish and enduring products to its customers. There are many international inspirations, beautiful patterns, gems, and trinkets in Maison Du Monde's eclectic design, which combines cultures and aesthetics.

Maison du Monde continues to wow clients with captivating collections that reflect variety, global heritage, and the craft of telling a story through design. The brand allows people to learn about and appreciate the beauty of cultures and aesthetics from all around the world as they curate a remarkable selection of home furnishings and accessories.

Founded: 2007

Founder: Xavier Marie

Headquarters: Vertou, France



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