Kandy lake

The next position on the list of the most beautiful lakes in Sri Lanka is Kandy Lake. The artificial lake that abuts the Royal Palace and Royal Gardens is known to locals as the "sea of Milk" or "Kiri Muhuda". The lake represents the monastery, the aristocracy, the people's entire culture, and their beliefs; it also has historical significance attached to it. A wonderful way to spend an evening here is on a boat on the lake. Local boat companies give tours of Kandy Lake, giving visitors a chance to see the royal city and its surrounding natural beauties.

The 2.1-mile-long trail that circles Kandy Lake is ideal for a walk, jog, or perhaps some early-morning yoga. The famous Temple of the Tooth, the town, the hills, and the queen's bathing pavilion beside the lake are all visible from there. As the sun sets, one can take in the surrounding Udawattekele woodland reserve's lushness.

Rich fauna and flora, including ancient Nuga trees, palm trees, fruit trees, Sal trees, and Mara trees, surround the lake. A bird's eye view of the entire province is also available from Kandy lake. Despite modernization, the city's distinctiveness and antiquity persist; it gives you goosebumps as it transports you down memory lane. The absolute finest times to see Kandy Lake are at sunrise and sunset. There is no sight like it as the orange-tinged, damp skies change to blue.

Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka

Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: Wikipedia
Photo: amayaresorts.com
Photo: amayaresorts.com

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