Kosovo is a sovereign state in Southeastern Europe, bordering to the north and east by Serbia, to the northwest by Montenegro, to the southwest by Albania, and to the southeast by North Macedonia. It is the smallest country in the Balkans regarding land area and the ninth smallest in Europe.

Kosovo's climate is continental, with chilly winters and hot summers. In January, the average temperature is 30°F (-1°C), whereas in July, the average temperature is 75°F (24°C). The country's scenery is varied, with rocky mountains, gentle hills, and lush plains.

Kosovo is well-known for its historical sites, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Graanica Monastery. The traditional cuisine of Kosovo includes dishes such as burek (a savory pastry), flija (a layered pancake), and tav kosi (a baked lamb dish). The country's scenery is varied, with Rocky Mountains, gentle hills, and lush plains. Kosovo is also famous for its rugby union team, which has competed since 2010.

Kosovo is a parliamentary representative democratic republic with a single legislative chamber (the Kosovo Assembly). President Vjosa Osmani is the head of state, and Prime Minister Albin Kurti, assisted by the Cabinet of Ministers, is the head of government.

Area: 4,212 square miles (10,908 km²)

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