The Monterey Peninsula is unique among all of California's regions. Here, time slows down, the houses are modest (with the exception of those in Pebble Beach), and the way of life is the ideal fusion of SoCal casual and NorCal chic. The town of Monterey pulls the majority of visitors on the peninsula's northern side, while Carmel-by-the-Sea attracts the mellow, affluent crowd further south. Real estate is extremely expensive, which helps preserve the small-town feel along Monterey's breath-taking coastline.

This region is perfect for a pit stop on a road trip or a weekend getaway for two. Have you heard about the golf courses there? Some of the most sought-after fairways in the world are located along this section of the California coast. Additionally, it is a year-round whale-watching location and the starting point for several of the top California cruises. Monterey may be the ideal location for your upcoming vacation when you consider the wealth of natural beauties, five-star hotels, and seafood eateries.

Location: California’s rugged central coast, The United States
Best Times to Visit: April and May


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