It's possible to think of Sonoma, a county in Northern California, as the laidback, unpretentious sister of Napa because of its rustic attractions and variety of wineries. There are several tiny cities worth visiting in its undulating hills, which rise into the Sonoma Mountains and descend to the Pacific coast: If you're looking for an urban getaway with museums and popular restaurants, consider Santa Rosa. However, stop by Glen Ellen for a taste of small-town America. Sonoma, not Napa, should be your California wine region trip if you're looking for a relaxed introduction to world-class vintages and stunning properties. Consider scheduling a guided tour if you're only visiting for a single day. The best California tours include a few full-day excursions to Sonoma.

is all about the wine. You will see undulating hills covered in rows of grape vines and majestic buildings everywhere you look. Some of the top destinations include Jacuzzi Family Vineyards, Cline Cellars, and Ravenswood Winery, and many of them are included on the best Sonoma tours. However, visitors seeking a city fix can do so at the lively and iconic Sonoma Plaza. If you want to experience California's seaside air, visit Sonoma Coast State Park and hike one of the many coastal trails there. You won't have much trouble finding anything but rest and relaxation in Sonoma, regardless of how you choose to spend your time there.

Location: Sonoma, California, The United States

Best time to visit: June and October


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