St. Augustine

In St. Augustine, everywhere you go, there's a good chance you'll encounter American history. The oldest continuously inhabited European community in the United States is this village in northeastern Florida, which was founded by the Spaniards in 1565. Many of the Romanesque Revival-style buildings in St. Augustine were created by railroad and oil tycoon Henry Flagler, who was instrumental in the development of the city and the rest of Florida's east coast. These structures can be found alongside colonial architecture and narrow cobblestone streets. It shouldn't be surprising that St. Augustine has a fondness for the supernatural given its extensive history: Nighttime ghost tours are promoted by several of the town's prominent attractions, which are said to be haunted by Spanish settlers and native residents.

The abundance of Spanish-era landmarks is the Ancient City's main lure, but it also has a variety of shops, restaurants, live music venues, and art galleries. Visitors with kids should visit the St. Augustine Wild Reserve and the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum. Shopaholics can't resist the opportunity to browse the boutiques on St. George Street, while art fans will enjoy the unique collection of art at the Lightner Museum. And when you're prepared to unwind, get your belongings and head to the beach. St. Augustine provides easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and year-round sunshine, like many coastal Florida towns do. St. Augustine is definitely one of the best small towns to visit in the USA.

Location: St. Augustine, Florida, The United States

Best Times to Visit: March and May


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