University of Naples Federico II

Founded in 1224 by Frederick II, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, the University of Naples Federico II is located in Naples, Italy's third largest city and one of the oldest inhabited cities. world. The University of Naples Federico II ranks 392 in the world rankings, offering a wide range of programs to a community of about 80,000 students. Among its most famous history alumni is the philosopher and theologian Thomas Aquinas. This school is an indispensable name in the list of oldest universities around the world.

The University of Naples Federico II is a state-supported, non-religious university located in Naples, a city located on the Bay of Naples and next to Mount Vesuvius, the still active volcano responsible for Pompeii. The Academy is today organized into 13 faculties under three semi-independent divisions: the Science and Technology Department, the Life Sciences Division, and the Humanities and Social Sciences Division. These are responsible for the research and teaching of 13 schools and 82 different departments. In 1224, the head of state Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, and King of Sicily decided to establish an educational institution that was not significantly influenced by the Pope. The organization was renamed Frederico II in 1987 in memory of its founder. It was created to facilitate the cultural development of promising young students and scholars, avoiding any unnecessary and costly overseas trips, and has since been operating stably in Naples.

  • Location: Naples, Italy
  • Established in: 1224
  • Website:

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