University of Siena

Located in the small city of Siena in the Tuscan region, the University of Siena is one of the oldest universities around the world with a strong global standing, currently ranked 651-700 in the world. With an enrollment of up to 20,000 people, the University of Siena campus accounts for nearly half of the city's population. The city center itself, which is also of historical importance, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is visited annually by over 163,000 tourists to enjoy its food, art, museums, and heritage medieval property.

Founded in 1240, the University of Siena is located in the small town of Siena in Italy. The University of Siena has a total of 15 faculties divided into four main departments namely Biomedical and Medical Sciences, Economics, Law and Political Science, Experimental Science and Literature, History, Philosophy, and the Arts, along with various intercollegiate and interfaculty research centers. It is best known for its courses in law, economics, management, and medicine. The university is renowned as a great choice for law, medicine, and economics degrees. The University campus is facing a rapidly changing landscape, where competitiveness and at the same time, cooperation among international Higher Education Institutions is a new challenge. It is one of the leading Italian universities with the highest quality results in research innovation, education, and service.

  • Location: Italy
  • Established in: 1240
  • Website:

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