Top 6 Best Touch Screen Monitors 2022

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Industrialization and modernization are gradually spreading all over the world. Industry 4.0 and advanced devices are becoming more and more popular. The touch screen is one of the smart inventions that are being applied in many fields. If you want to know which touch screen is the best today, please refer to the following article.

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Philips 242B9T monitor: Best touch screen monitor

The touch screen is super durable, waterproof, and dustproof, and the kickstand folds up and down depending on the viewing angle. This monitor offers flexible, simple, and intuitive use across a wide range of applications, helping to boost your productivity.

State-of-the-art interactive display:

  • SmoothTouch display offers smooth, natural touch response.
  • The stylus allows smooth and precise operation with greater control • The front panel meets the IP65 rating for water and dust resistance.
  • Full HD 16:9 screen for vividly detailed images.
  • SmartContrast for dark black details.
  • LowBlue mode is not harmful to the eyes.
  • Less Eye Fatigue with Flicker-Free Technology.
  • EasyRead mode for a newspaper-like viewing experience.

Easy to use:

  • HDMI ensures versatile digital connectivity.
  • USB 3.1. High-Speed Data Transfer.
  • DisplayPort connection for maximum picture.
  • SmartStand with adjustable angles for increased productivity.
  • VESA mount allows for flexibility.

Image quality is what concerns you. While regular monitors have good picture quality, you still want a better picture. This monitor features an enhanced Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, for vivid details coupled with high brightness, unbelievable contrast, and true-to-life colors for lifelike images in real life.



  • Comfortable.
  • Screen looks great.
  • Adjustable.

REASONS TO AVOID: Quite heavy.

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Acer T232HL: Most stylish touch screen monitor

Acer T232HL, a 23-inch model. It and its larger sibling, the Acer T272HL meet the requirements to be a Windows 8 certified monitor, including support for at least five simultaneous touchpoints and a bezel design that doesn't impede the ability to display. user interaction. Windows 8 interface.

The T232HL doesn't come cheap, but it offers responsive ten-point touch technology, a stunning edge-to-edge glass design, and outstanding IPS viewing angle and color performance. Therefore, this is the Editors' Choice for touch screens.

Design and Features:

  • The T232HL looks more like a high-end HDTV than a desktop monitor. The 1,920 x 1,080 IPS panel is covered by a bezel-less shiny glass, a design that is both stylish and functional as it makes swiping and controlling with gestures easy. However, reflective glass can be distracting when the background of the screen is dark.
  • Beneath the glass, a 1.25-inch glossy black border surrounds the display, and there's a 2.4-inch high-colored plastic strip attached to the bottom edge of the display to add height to the display. The photo frame-style stand is finished in silver metal and can be folded into a cabinet when not in use. By applying pressure to the top corners of the panel, you can tilt the display back up to 60 degrees or as little as 8 degrees. There are four VESA-compliant holes in the back of the cabinet for mounting the T232HL on a wall or in a kiosk.



  • Easy to adjust.
  • Thin with seamless bezels.


  • Color accuracy isn't the best.
  • Not as flexible as other displays.
Test - Acer T232HL Touchscreen Monitor für Cubase & Co. - deutsch (youtube:
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Planar Helium PCT2485: Most comfortable

The Planar Helium PCT2485 is a Full HD resolution 24" widescreen LCD touchscreen monitor with simultaneous multi-touch, built-in USB hub, HD webcam, and microphone. It incorporates blue light reduction presets, reduces eye strain. Multiple video inputs are also available including HDMI, DisplayPort, and analog.

  • 24-inch touch screen with Full HD resolution (1920x1080).
  • Projective capacitive touch 10 points.
  • Built-in USB hub, HD webcam, and microphone.
  • Unique Helium desktop stand, easy to use.

Planar Helium PCT2485 27" series multi-touch monitor with edge-to-edge glass, wide viewing angle, and built-in HD webcam. The monitor includes a sleek, easy-to-adjust, and ergonomically-friendly Helium kickstand, carrying Comfort and controlled user experience Helium flat panel display is optimized for Microsoft Windows 8's brand new touch interface and is ideal for software developers and designers, users proficient, enthusiasts and corporate retailers use.

All ports are easily accessible thanks to the collapsible U-shaped stand. There's an HDMI and DisplayPort connection, along with a USB hub for connecting peripherals. There are also built-in speakers, so you don't need to buy an extra set unless you're looking for high-quality audio output. Although, many touch screens offer more than the Planar Helium PCT2485. Some have better screens, some have more aesthetically pleasing designs, and others have more flexible stands. But if comfort is your goal, the Planar Helium PCT2485 is the clear winner thanks to some clever ergonomic design choices.



  • Large HD touch screen.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Ugly bezels.
  • Power hungry.
Planar Helium PCT2485 Review (youtube:
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Planar Helium PCT2235: Best budget monitor

The Planar Helium PCT2235 is a 22" Full HD resolution LCD touchscreen with simultaneous 10-point multi-touch capabilities and built-in speakers. It includes the sleek, easy-to-adjust, and user-friendly Helium™ Desktop Stand. with ergonomics, easily adjusts from fully flat to tilt up to 70°, creating the ultimate desktop touch experience. The monitor is VESA-compatible for mounting in landscape or portrait orientation.

  • 22” touch screen, Full HD (1920x1080).
  • Multipoint interaction 10 points.
  • DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA inputs.
  • Unique Helium desktop stand, easy to use.

The Planar Helium PCT2235 features Full HD (1920x1080) resolution with 10-point simultaneous multi-touch capabilities, built-in speakers, a USB 3.0 hub, and a dual-hinge desk stand. Using projected capacitive technology, the Planar Helium PCT2235 Registers up to 10 simultaneous touchpoints. With this interactive technology, Planar Helium PCT2235 is extremely fast and accurate when browsing the web, scanning email, editing photos, or graphic design projects. Planar Helium PCT2235 is designed to take full advantage of Microsoft Windows 10, working seamlessly with multi-touch technology.

The Planar Helium PCT2235 integrates blue light reduction presets for different blue light levels depending on the activity for enhanced visual comfort when viewing the screen for long periods. The Planar Helium PCT2235 includes a sleek, easy to adjust, and ergonomically friendly Helium Desktop Stand that easily adjusts from completely flat to tilted up to 70°, creating a superb touch experience on the machine. desktop in both portrait and landscape orientations. The Planar Helium PCT2235 is also VESA compatible, making it easy to attach to other mounting options such as the Planar single-arm clamp or the Planar fixed display wall mount.



  • Light and flexible.
  • Affordable.


  • Can be difficult to adjust.
  • Slow response time.
Best Touch Screen Monitor 2021 - Planar Helium PCT2235 Review (youtube:
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Dell P2418HT: Best looking touch screen

The Dell P2418HT 24-inch IPS Full HD Touch Monitor has an ultra-thin screen design that combines a solid, sophisticated and professional stand to create a prominent highlight for the workspace. The ultra-thin bezel design doesn't get in the way when working on multiple monitors. Besides, the monitor can adapt to different office layouts thanks to VESA compatibility you can choose to mount your monitor to the wall or mount it to monitor your arm and enjoy the space. work more flexibly.

The stand of the P2418HT is capable of transitioning from a standard desktop monitor to a downward facing orientation of fewer than 60 degrees. It also supports wide tilting and panning, so you can adjust the monitor to your work or a more comfortable position. In addition, a protective cushion provides a durable cushion against impact when standing fully compressed. The Dell 24-inch P2418HT features a touchscreen and anti-glare touchscreen with an HD display, ideal for boosting productivity. The 10-point touch feature provides a more natural and responsive experience, so you can type, swipe, slide, and pinch in a second. Enjoy smooth navigation with two-handed touch controls on the anti-glare, edge-to-edge display.

State-of-the-art advanced In-Cell Touch technology eliminates the need for glass screens in traditional displays, providing an anti-glare surface that reduces reflections and fingerprints. The result is a smooth display with improved clarity that's easy on the eyes. Dell Display Manager software allows you to multi-task and save time. Quickly view apps side by side with the Easy Arrange feature.



  • Easy-to-adjust arm.
  • Good ergonomics and button placement.


  • Wobbles when in use.
  • Doesn’t lean as far back as other models.
Dell 24 Touch Monitor P2418HT (youtube:
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ViewSonic TD2230

The ViewSonic TD2230 is a 10-point simultaneous capacitive touchscreen and SuperClear IPS technology that delivers an intuitive, super-responsive touch experience and true-to-life visuals from any angle. The TD2230 touch screen is designed without borders for a better experience. You can touch, swipe, pinch, slide your fingertips on this touch screen easily. The product is suitable for the operations of restaurants, hotels, healthcare centers, and businesses. The product is also suitable for group study at schools and home entertainment.

The screen is protected by a glass panel with 7H hardness and the flexible design makes it possible to place the monitor in different working positions for multiple users at the same time. The capacitive touch screen can receive 10 touch points at the same time with high accuracy and sensitivity. This product is suitable for environments that require multi-user interaction such as home entertainment, office, education, and commercial use.

  • SuperClear IPS screen technology.
  • Frameless design.
  • Full HD resolution 1080p.
  • HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA connections.
  • Support Windows 7/8/10 operating system and Linux versions.



  • Good image quality.
  • Low input lag.


  • Can be uncomfortable to use due to bezels.
  • Ugly cable port placement.
ViewSonic TD2230 22" 1080p 10-Point Multi Touch Screen IPS Monitor Review (youtube:

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