Top 9 Most Beautiful Beaches in Djibouti

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Whether you love outdoor adventures inside a true African jungle or enjoy the sun at the sprawling beaches, Djibouti is definitely a perfect choice for you. Despite being one of the smallest countries in Africa, Djibouti stands out as one of Africa's most frequented tourist destinations. Here are the top most beautiful beaches you can visit in Djibouti.

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Douda Beach

Douda Beach is located in Arta, on Djibouti's eastern coast. A large and calm beach that is perfect for everyone and offers stunning dawn views. The water is shallow and quiet, making swimming safe. Furthermore, there is a playground nearby, making it a popular destination for families. There is a mangrove forest nearby that is worth exploring. There are bungalows where you may stay, and while the services are basic, the staff is attentive and courteous.

The beach is located a 15-minute drive from the city, this is a quiet place to rest after tiring working days. There are a few overwater bungalows here, so you could easily spend a night here. Very basic, no electricity or running water but the host seems very excited when guests come and deliver food to the bungalows.

Location: Beach Of Douda, Arta, Djibouti

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Source: EvaMtalii
Source:  EvaMtalii
Source: EvaMtalii
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Arta Beach

Arta Region is one of Djibouti's six regions. It was formed in 2003 by the merger of districts from the Dikhil and Djibouti regions. It is located in the country's south-central region, bordering the Tadjoura Region to the north, the Djibouti Region to the north-east, the Dikhil Region to the south, and Somaliland to the east.

Arta Beach is located on Djibouti's eastern coast in Arta. This stunning beach is both sandy and rocky, with bright blue waters and beautiful landscapes. It is calm, isolated, and expansive. The pristine waters are ideal for snorkeling, with colorful fish and sea turtles swimming about. You may also take a boat cruise to watch whale sharks. It is never crowded, and even on busy days, there are quiet spaces to rest.

Location: Arta Plage, Arta, Djibouti

Source:  TripAdvisor
Source: TripAdvisor
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Source: Wikimedia Commons
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Goubet Beach

The Goubet, also known as the "Abyss of Demons," is bordered by rugged cliffs and the famed Devil's Island, where Jacques COUSTEAU claimed to have seen and filmed a monster in 1952. Since of the tides, the turbulent Goubet Pass at the lake's entry is a mythological site for fishing because the current flow gets quite powerful and then delivers oxygen for enormous fish. You must be physically prepared to face the monsters in the area.

Goubet Beach is located on the western edge of Lake Ghoubet, Arta, on Djibouti's eastern coast. This peaceful beach, which is both sandy and rocky, is the ideal place to unwind after a long day. The lake water is tranquil and ideal for fishing, with the possibility of capturing barracuda and tuna. It is seldom crowded or bustling, but amenities are limited; bring everything you may require.

Location: Plage De Goubet, Djibouti

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Source: Flickr
Source:  Petit Futé
Source: Petit Futé
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Khor Ambado Beach

One of the greatest places to relax where you may engage in a range of aquatic sports such as snorkeling, swimming, and so on. Khor Ambado is known as the French beach since French military personnel stationed in the city used to bring their families there. You'll need a 4WD to go to the beach because the road is terrible and you don't want to get stranded in the sand.

Although a large number of tourists visit this beach, keep in mind that Djibouti is largely Muslim and caution should be exercised when it comes to exposure, especially for ladies. Several modest cottages built of wood logs and fabric roofs may be found along the coast. It is highly recommended by visitors for snorkeling, but you must keep in mind that you must have a car to go there.

Location: Khor Ambado Beach, Djibouti

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Source: Flickr
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Source: Pinterest
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Mangrove Beach

The gorgeous beach is located in Khor Al Yeefrah, Umm Al Quwain, about a 55-minute drive from Dubai. On the beach, public-access amenities are now being built. So far, these have included wooden swings and thatched parasols to provide sun protection. Several photographs of Mangrove Beach have been released, and they are extremely magnificent, with swaths of sea water pouring through the mangrove trees. In addition to touring, it appears to be an ideal location for sunbathing, strolling, and resting. It's another picture-perfect location in the UAE.

Mangrove Beach lies on the eastern shore of Moucha Island, a tiny island in Djibouti's Gulf of Tadjoura. An isolated beach with beautiful white sand and crystal blue seas, offering magnificent views and a calm ambiance. The pristine waters are teeming with marine life, making it an excellent snorkeling location. There are no facilities in the region, yet this makes it so remote and ideal for relaxing and disconnecting. You may access to the island via boat or ferry and then walk to Mangrove Beach.

Location: Mangrove Beach, Djibouti

Source:  GEF
Source: GEF
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La Siesta Beach

La Sienta Plage is located on the eastern coast of Djibouti, in the capital city of Djibouti. This famous city beach features spectacular coastline views and a bustling, party-like atmosphere, making it ideal for hanging out with friends. The water is quiet and pleasant; nevertheless, litter is frequently washed ashore, so exercise caution when swimming. In the surrounding region, there are restaurants and motels. Because it is so small and popular, it may get packed on weekends, especially in the afternoon.

The ideal months to visit Plage de la Siesta and other beaches in Djibouti are January, February, March, and November, because the weather is pleasant and there are likely to be less people.

Location: La Siesta Plage, Djibouti

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Source: Twitter
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Plage Carre ou Plage Tritton

Plage Carre or Plage Tritton is located on the eastern coast of Djibouti, near the capital city of Djibouti. This long, white sand beach provides activities for everyone in a peaceful setting. You can participate in a game of beach volleyball or soccer and then locate a peaceful location to tan and unwind. The water is shallow and warm, making it ideal for a relaxing soak.

It is not only one of the most beautiful, but also one of the busiest beaches in Djibouti. In fact, it draws a lot of interest from travelers not just because of its design, but also because of its quite unique history. It should be remembered that the square beach, as it is known now, did not always exist. Until 1960, it was solely known as Triton Beach. It was a popular holiday resort for both large and small Djiboutian families at the time. It is now considerably more contemporary and may be used for a wide range of activities. Hundreds of residents and visitors from all around the world enjoy themselves there.

Location: Plage Carre ou Plage Tritton, Djibouti

Source: commons.wikimedia
Source: commons.wikimedia
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Source: Twitter
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Doraleh Beach, Djibouti

Plage de Doraleh is located on the eastern coast of Djibouti, in the capital city of Djibouti. This long, golden sandy beach is tranquil and offers beautiful coastline views, with the possibility of seeing cargo ships passing in and out of the Gulf of Tadjoura. It is pretty serene, only becoming busy in the afternoons on weekends; there is always a quiet space to sit and rest. Because there are no restaurants around, bring your own meals.

Dorale and Khor Ambado beaches, located 15 kilometers from Djibouti City, are ideal for a variety of water activities and sailing. And if you want to rest and unwind while watching a magnificent sunset on an African beach, these two beaches are ideal. They are flanked by black lava cliffs, making them ideal for exploring and diving.

Location: Plage de Doraleh, Djibouti

Source:  Face2Face Africa
Source: Face2Face Africa
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Ras Bir Beach, Obock

Ras Bir Beach is a small isolated beach near the small port town of Obock on the northern side of the Gulf of Tadjoura in the Republic of Djibouti's northeastern region. The beach itself may not be well-known, but there are no people swimming in the water, and it is flanked by huge cliffs that provide a spectacular and distinctive landscape view. On one side of the beach, there is a beautiful sand beach where visitors can go for a swim in the turquoise ocean, while on the other side, there are numerous tiny huts accompanied by a bigger one where residents may sit and hide from the blazing heat.

Even though most visitors stop here on their way to the Ras Bir Lighthouse, which is just down the road, it is worth noting that the water color here is extremely fascinating during sunsets, changing colors as the sun slowly sets behind the hills. Overall, it may not be worth spending a full day at Ras Bir Beach, but it is definitely worth experiencing the other side of Djibouti that few people get to see while visiting this remote nation on the horn of Africa.

Location: as Bir Beach, Obock, Djibouti

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Source: Pikist
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Source: Alluring World

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