Top 6 Most Beautiful Beaches In Peru

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Peru is a multi-ethnic country with a combination of cultural traditions that makes Peru have great diversity in areas such as art, cuisine, literature, and ... read more...

  1. Máncora is a coastal town in the Piura Region, in northwestern Peru. The Máncora is known for its turquoise beaches and good waves, which make it a surfing destination. This beach town has over 30 different beach resorts that receive tourists from all over South America. Mánscora has plenty of local restaurants along the seashore, to relish authentic dishes of Peruvian culture. The nightlife of Máncora also does not disappoint the night owls, it has many nightlife venues, lively bars serving along the beach with a variety of decor styles for you to choose from.

    The place to visit in Máncora:

    • Las Pocitas
    • Mancora Piura Peru
    • Playa del Amor
    • Pokego
    • Mancora Lighthouse
    • CONDOMINIO Aldea Vichayito
    • Don Giovanni / Balinese Suites y Gelateria

      Where: Piura Region, on Peru’s northwest coast

      Best Things to Do: Surfing, Swimming, watching the sunset and enjoying the nightlife

      Best Time to Visit: May to November

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    • Punta Sal is a village located along the Pacific Ocean in the region of Tumbes, northern Peru, located just a one-hour drive from the town of Tumbes. Punta Sal is known as the longest beach on the northern Peruvian coast with 6.5 km of length and is divided into two sectors: Punta Sal Chica and Punta Sal Grande.

      Punta Sal's
      near-equatorial location should have warmed the sea. The water temperature of Punta Sal is warm (24 °C) and calms the whole year. Large beaches, white sand, clear warm water are the features that attract tourists to visit Punta Sal, which makes this beach perfect for a luxurious beach vacation.

      The place to visit in Punta Sal:

      • Cerro Pena Negra
      • Punta Sal Beach - Peru
      • Wild Kite Peru
      • Outdoor activities include water sports, yacht trips, whale watching, horse riding among others

      Where: In the region of Tumbes, Northern Peru

      Best Things to Do: Fishing, Swimming, Relaxing and Sunbathing

      Best Time to Visit: June and October

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      Source: Tripadvisor
      Source: Tripadvisor
    • Playa de La Mina is one of the most popular beaches in the Paracas area, Perru. Playa de La Mina beach welcome is quite touristy. Playa de La Mina is home to the Paracas National Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can explore the national reserve which is home to varying geographical terrains including deserts, oceans, and islands. You can watch colorful birds, sea lions, and even penguins. Spending precious moments camping on the beachside Playa de La Mina, watching the stars twinkle in the night sky. However, because it is an ideal and crowded destination, you should pay attention to your privacy to avoid being stolen or scammed.

      The place to visit in Playa de La Mina:

      • Desert Oasis, Sandboarding, and Mini-Galapagos - 1 Day Tour from Lima
      • Buggy ride in Paracas National Reserve
      • Visit Ballestas Islands and Paracas Reserve from San Martin Port
      • Ballestas Islands ExcursionParacas National Reserve Private Tour

      Where: Limite Reserva Nacional De Paracas, Via a La Mina, PeruBest

      Things to Do: Swim in the sparkling azure waters, relax on the sand or simply soak yourself in the atmospheric beauty of this secluded beach

      Best Time to Visit: All year round

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      Source: TripAdvisor
      Source: TripAdvisor
    • Huanchaco is a famous vacation beach city in the province of Trujillo, Peru. Huanchaco is known for its surf breaks, its caballitos de totora, and its ceviche, and is near the ancient ruins of Chan Chan.

      Huanchaco was approved as a World Surfing Reserve by the organization Save The Waves Coalition in 2012, so this place is the top choice of many surfers, it has many surfing spots and is located gradually the ancient ruins of Chan Chan, which is also one of the plus points that help Huanchaco attract many foreign tourists to come here every year.

      The place to visit in Huanchaco:

      • Relax at Huanchaco beach
      • Surfing in a caballito de totora in Huanchaco
      • Drop by Víctor Larco Herrera District
      • Visit the ancient ruins of Chan Chan
      • Mount Campana, which a sacred mountain in the Chimu culture
      • Pampas de Gramalote, which is a complex for shamanic experiences.

      Where: Trujillo, Peru

      Best Things to Do: Surfing, Photography and Swimming

      Best Time to Visit: April to October

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      Source: Wikimedia Commons
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      Source: Pinterest
    • Cabo Blanco is a coastal fishing village in northwestern Peru, 3 km northwest of El Alto, Talara, Piura. The village takes its name from the light-colored nearby mountains and is a popular surf spot for many nearby visitors. On the other hand, Cabo Blanco was also used as the location of the film Undertow (Contracorriente), which was released in 2010. Cabo Blanco owned rocky cliffs, blue seas, crazy waves, and fresh air. You can set up a camp anywhere on the beach with the permission of the host nearby. Cabo Blanco is also known as the place that inspired the writer Ernest Hemingway to write the famous book "The Old Man and The Sea" in the world.

      The place to visit in Cabo Blanco:

      • Planeta Marino
      • Playa El uro
      • CONDOMINIO Aldea Vichayito
      • Acuario Hippocampus
      • PacIfico Adventures
      • Surf Racer Board House Peru

      Where: Mancora, Peru

      Best Things to Do: The beach is perfect for sunbathing and relaxing

      Best Time to Visit: December to February

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      Source:  TripAdvisor
      Source: TripAdvisor
    • Los Organos is a town on the northern coast of Perú, 15 minutes away from Mancora. Los Organos beach is very quiet and lonely. You still see a few tourists walking around but it's not as crowded as Huanchaco beach or Máncora. Los Organos is home to great waves suitable for surfers. you can participate in other water activities such as fishing, scuba diving... Marine life photographers also pay a visit to this Quiet and secluded beach to capture stunning images of majestic mammals like whales, dolphins, and sea lions in their natural habitat. Los Organos will be a destination for travelers who seek tranquility and want to relax gently.

      The place to visit in Los Organos:

      • Belu Adventures
      • Chelonia Dive Center
      • Oceanica Expeditions Peru
      • Pacifico Adventures
      • Flymancora
      • Swimming, sunbathing, relaxing on the beach

      Where: Northern coast of Peru,

      Best Things to Do: Whale watching, Sightseeing and Photography

      Best Time to Visit: July to November

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      Source: PQS
      Source: PQS
      Source: Patelana

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