Top 5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Singapore

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Singapore has experimented with combining technology and nature, and the country truly deserves praise for how it incorporates nature into its future ... read more...

  1. The Jurong bird park is a well-known tourist attraction in Jurong, Singapore. The bird park covers an area of 49 acres on the western slope of Jurong Hill, the highest point in the Jurong region. Jurong Bird Park’s Waterfall Aviary is home to the OG manmade, indoor waterfall in Singapore, and also one of the tallest artificial waterfalls in the world - The Jurong Bird Park waterfall. The waterfall is at a height of 98 feet, or 35 meters (equivalent to 13 storeys). The water is recirculated through a stream that flows down. The surrounding area is absolutely green with thick wild vegetation covering the region.

    The Jurong Bird Park waterfall is best viewed from the aviary’s suspended bridge (where you can have a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape) or you can climb the stairs to a hut to a view from the side of the waterfall. While visiting the waterfall, you will also be thrilled by the variety of plant and bird species, as this man-made waterfall has blended with nature and provides a lovely habitat for them. There are around 10,000 plants including 125 species of ground vegetation, trees, palms, and bamboo. There are also about 1500 birds belonging to 80 African species that find a home here.

    Location: Jurong Hill, Singapore.

    Photo: Flickr
    Photo: Flickr
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  2. The second waterfall on our list is located in perhaps the most underrated park in Singapore - The Yunnan Garden Park. This park is a part of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) campus, and not only does it has nice landscaped gardens with traditional-looking pavilions, but it also has Yunnan Garden Waterfall - a waterfall that looks as if it has been inspired by a Chinese landscape painting.

    Walking in the garden, you can already hear the gushing water from the spectacular waterfall. The Yunnan Garden Waterfall is a 5.6 meters tall man-made waterfall that flows down Nanyang Lake. This wonderful site will really take your breath away since you can view it from lots of different angles. The most famous one is the view from above the waterfall where you can get a birds-eye view of both the cascade and the sprawling, symmetrically laid out Chinese Garden laid out below.

    One special thing about the Yunnan Garden Waterfall is that the waterfall carries rainwater to the wetlands of the lower bank, and the plants used in the water filtration system helps to remove pollutants from the water, maintaining a green balance in the overall ecosystem.

    Location: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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  3. Cloud Forest Waterfall is the most famous spot in the Gardens by the Bay, and also one of the most popular and impressive tourist attractions in Singapore. The Gardens by the Bay itself is a magnificent greenhouse-like glass dome that stands out from miles away, and Cloud Forest Waterfall in it is even more awe-inspiring as it is one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls. Singapore is a hot and humid country all year round, so visiting this green heaven and refreshing waterfall is the best way to cool off.

    Cloud Forest Waterfall is 35 meters tall and is the tallest man-made indoor waterfall in the world. The waterfall is densely covered with beautiful vegetation, and can be viewed from both outside and inside. The stunning and one-of-a-kind view of this waterfall makes a great spot for taking pictures, and it is totally worth getting slightly soaked by the spray while you get closer to the waterfall and enjoy the view to the fullest. There is also a stunning artificial walkway built around the waterfall's mountain where you can catch closer views of the waterfall from every angle. There are small artificial ponds below the waterfall that feature a wide range of aquatic plants.

    Cloud Forest Waterfall adds humidity to the cool high altitude tropical atmosphere inside Gardens by the Bay. To many people, including local Singaporeans, the sight of the wonderful waterfall is a new experience as none are present in the landscape of Singapore.

    Location: Marina Gardens, Singapore

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  4. Our next man-made waterfall is one of the most unique and dramatic waterfalls in Singapore and in the world. The waterfall is a part of the "live" artwork called Rain Oculus at Marina Bay Sands. The intention of creating Rain Oculus was to blur the boundaries between art, architecture, and nature, and it transferred perfectly well to the magnificent artwork that functioned as both a skylight and a rain collector in the middle of Marina Bay Sands.

    The waterfall only "happened" at fixed times throughout the day. A large whirlpool of recycled rainwater forms inside a 70-foot diameter acrylic bowl, then falls 2 stories to a pool below, creating the magnificent Rain Oculus waterfall. The pumps that direct water into the bowl are turned on and off a few times an hour so the whirlpool is always changing in shape and intensity. At maximum flow rates, 200 tons of water swirl in the bowl, and 8000 gallons per minute fall through the atrium. This water is also reused for our toilet flushing to maximize the effort of recycling water in Singapore. You can view the unique waterfall from above or inside the shopping mall below in Marina Bay Sands.

    Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

  5. Besides Cloud Forest Waterfall - the tallest man-made indoor waterfall in the world, Singapore also has the largest man-made indoor waterfall in the world - The HSBC Rain Vortex. This breathtaking waterfall deserves the last spot on our list for being one of the most wonderful combinations of nature and technology that human beings have ever created. Cascading down from the dome-shaped roof of Jewel Changi Airport, this waterfall has been the center of attention since the Airport opened, to the point that no one in Singapore doesn't know about it. Nowadays, many people choose to come to this airline just to be wowed by the waterfall.

    The HSBC Rain Vortex is 40 meters tall and located in the middle of a massive indoor garden. A 4-storey terraced tropical forest surrounds this waterfall. The waterfall displays a futuristic design with water falling from the edge of the circular opening in the center of the mounding glass roof. The black ring of water surrounding the Rain Vortex is the Reflective Pool, making it a perfect subject for an Instagram photo. This waterfall is spectacular both day and night, especially at night when it is lightened up by a colorful lighting system.

    Location: Changi Airport, Singapore

    Video: CNA

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