Top 8 Online Courses to Learn Grammar

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One of the most important aspects of learning any language is mastering grammar. There are lots of online grammar programs accessible right at your fingertips ... read more...

  1. Coursera, which focuses on making college courses from renowned colleges across the world available to learners without having to enroll, is hard to beat for range and quality. Coursera's "English grammar" category contains more than 70 courses, mostly for the English language, and covers topics ranging from basic grammar to advanced composition, writing, and communicating for specific purposes (such as academic writing or business communications), as well as grammar for TESOL certification.

    Students can enroll in each course individually (though there are a few specialities or tracks that group several courses together), and each class is treated differently in terms of time commitment and cost. Video classes and lectures, practice tasks, readings, and opportunities to evaluate your abilities are all common features of courses.

    Although Coursera operates on a cycle basis, courses are generally self-paced once a student has enrolled for a specific session. Many of Coursera's grammar lessons are now available for free, despite the fact that some courses can cost up to $80 and last for dozens of hours.

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    EdX is the ideal combination of high-quality courses and ease of use, that is one of the Online Courses to Learn Grammar. There are various lessons focusing on improving grammatical skills, as well as full-fledged programs, on the site (small groups of courses with a common goal, like a miniature version of a college major). EdX's grammar courses are mostly part of its language offerings. The bulk are geared at English language learners (or those wishing to brush up on certain skills such as essay writing or writing/speaking in business situations), although there are others that focus on grammar in other languages.

    If you're contemplating EdX, good news: most of their courses are free—at least to take. You're good to go if you're taking a grammar course to brush up on your abilities on your own, but the "certified certificate" of completion costs anywhere from $50 to $300 per course if you're doing it for more official purposes. Classes, like Coursera, begin with an enrollment cycle, but once the session begins, students can choose between instructor-paced courses, which have a predetermined timetable, and self-paced courses, which allow students to pace themselves and go at their own speed.
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    Udemy is one of the Online Courses to Learn Grammar. Although Udemy offers many different levels and lengths of grammar classes, many of them are rather brief. Students can choose from more general lessons or ones that are highly specific to a single concept, like verb tenses or sentence structure. Instructors can create and upload their own classes, so students can choose from more general lessons or ones that are highly specific to a single concept, like verb tenses or sentence structure. Because of the vast diversity, there is almost certainly a class to meet any student's needs at any given moment, and there are plenty of possibilities even for short courses to solve minor issues.

    Because Udemy is more of a portal for teachers than a standardized platform, courses on the platform frequently feature a variety of styles and components. Lectures, instructive readings, practice exercises, examinations, and other materials are likely to be encountered by students. If you're not sure if a program is right for you, Udemy allows you to sample it before purchasing it, and it also gives a 30-day refund if you don't think it met your expectations or needs. Because each class is its own product, costs for lifetime access to a single course can range from extremely low (approximately $20 to $25) to very high ($120+). The majority of basic grammar courses are on the lower end of the price scale, however there are a few lengthier sessions or recommended packages of courses that may be more expensive.
  4. Skillshare's attractiveness stems from its smaller-scale and more focused concentration, which typically includes a more creative approach to simple subjects like grammar. Skillshare's grammar courses are simple to follow and enjoyable to complete since they are split down into little, bite-sized chunks of video, audio, and exercises. Whether you want a no-frills video series covering key parts of speech and usage ideas, or colorful, short guides to different word groupings in a range of languages, there are courses for you. The site promotes innovative learning methods, making it ideal for students who want to take a fresh approach to their studies.

    Skillshare provides a subscription approach that allows you to take as many classes as you like, rather than paying per course or per hour. Monthly subscriptions are $15, or $180 for the year. A free sample of some of the grammar courses provided on the site is also available—for example, a first lesson or section is available without registering.
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    Cambly is a refreshingly relaxed approach for ESL learners eager to study grammar in practical circumstances. The program foregoes the formality of a classroom in favor of direct language practice, allowing students who have a basic understanding of English but need help polishing their grammar and vocabulary to practice with native English speakers via live conversations. It's not strictly a start-from-scratch session, but rather an opportunity for students to put their talents to the test and pick up on-the-spot advice. The goal is to converse with native English speakers rather than attend highly planned lessons.

    Cambly, on the other hand, does provide "regular" classes that are tailored to certain needs or themes. English for business, vocabulary for themes such as technology, hobbies, and cuisine, and other conversational, practical topics that integrate vocabulary education with grammatical review are all covered in the courses. It's a hands-on workshop with a strong emphasis on the actual world.

    The cost of the service is determined by how frequently students intend to use it: Choose from two, three, or five sessions each week, each lasting 15, 30, or 60 minutes.
  6. Duolingo is one of the Online Courses to Learn Grammar. One of the most crucial aspects of learning a new language is studying grammar, and Duolingo's methodology effortlessly blends grammar courses into the overall language learning process. Rather than teaching a separate "grammar" course, Duolingo combines grammar lessons with vocabulary and other practice skills courses. It's an efficient strategy to keep adult learners focused on a second (or even third) language, which is the site's primary audience.

    The framework of Duolingo is built on a skill "tree," with new ones unlocked when previous ones are mastered through practice tasks. It also allows (and actively encourages) students to repeat previous subjects in order to stay sharp, as well as spend as much or as little time on classes as they like. At the time of release, the site offered around 37 languages, including Indigenous languages, all of which were absolutely free.
  7. The app-based system ABCMouse is a popular choice for young children who are learning the fundamentals of reading. Thousands of exercises teach youngsters the fundamentals of phonics, vocabulary, and grammar in an engaging system. There is a part for older children who want to learn more advanced topics, but the major focus is on children ages 2 to 8, who want to learn the fundamentals so they may build a firm foundation.

    Lessons on the "Step-by-Step Learning Path" employ entertaining activities and games to teach in a method that is precisely adapted for young children's attention span. It's a series of "classes" that give kids the kind of foundation they need to understand basic English rules before getting into the nitty-gritty. While it doesn't specifically target grammar, it is a series of "classes" that give kids the kind of foundation they need to understand basic English rules before getting into the nitty-gritty.

    The service begins with a 30-day free trial, after which it costs roughly $13 per month—but clients who purchase a year-long membership receive a nearly 50% discount. The app's classes include a wide range of subjects: not just language, but also math, science, and the arts at age-appropriate levels. ABCMouse is an excellent alternative for providing a fun and instructive introduction to grammar to young children.
  8. For kids who are just starting to understand grammar as a separate topic, Grammaropolis, which is one of the Online Courses to Learn Grammar, a joyful yet intelligent game, may strike precisely the ideal mix between games and learning. Mini-courses are provided that cover every major word group, beginning with nouns and verbs and moving on to ideas such as how to employ prepositional phrases. Classes are jam-packed with amusing songs and movies that teach grammatical principles in memorable ways, as well as enough of practice and quizzes to put students' knowledge to the test. There are also separate "specialist" questions to help you continue to grow and study beyond the fundamentals.

    New students can take a free class on the site: The "nouns" course, sometimes known as a "neighborhood," is completely free to use. After then, the site charges $29 per year for membership. Many users are also allowed with subscriptions, so a family with multiple children may use one account for all of them, and the classes will keep track of their progress.

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