Top 7 Online Courses to Learn Account Management

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  1. West Virginia University, founded in 1867, is on its way to a worldwide future. Pulsars to nanoscale technology are all being investigated by world-class faculty. WVU is partnering with international academic and research partners and is ranked as the #2 public institution for research and a top-20 best place to work in academia.

    Account Management & Salesforce Design, the first course in the Sales Operations/Management Specialization, aims to introduce learners to a variety of sales strategies. Students will learn about strategic planning and sales management, sales manager roles, different types of sales operations, the personal selling process, and the concept of a buying center.

    This course requirements:

    • Flexible deadlines: Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.
    • Certificate : Earn a Certificate upon completion
    • 100% online
    • Beginner Level
    • Approx. 15 hours to complete
    • Subtitles: Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, English, Spanish
    • Course 1 of 5 in the Sales Operations/Management Specialization

    Coursera Rating: 4.4/5
    Enroll here:

  2. Accounting is the "business language." Individuals inside and outside of an organization can join the "conversation" about how the organization is functioning and how it can enhance future performance by understanding this language. Financial accounting is concerned with the reports that managers create in order to present interested third parties with an overview of the company's financial situation and operations. Managerial accounting is concerned with the data and analytical tools and processes that assist managers and staff in making sound company choices.

    This Specialization will teach you the essentials of both of these accounting purposes. More specifically, you will be able to comprehend the financial statements that managers prepare and interpret and evaluate these statements in order to assess the organization's financial status. You'll also learn to recognize and comprehend the nature, purpose, and significance of several forms of decision-useful accounting data, as well as how to apply analytical tools and techniques to use this data to make business decisions. You will apply these fundamentals to a new business through the capstone, including creating a business plan, forecasts and budgets, and anticipated information needs for decisions made by you as the owner and manager, your employees, and external parties such as future shareholders, creditors, and other constituents.

    This course requirements:

    • Flexible Schedule: Set and maintain flexible deadlines.
    • Certificate : Earn a Certificate upon completion
    • 100% online
    • Beginner Level
    • Approx. 6 months to complete: Suggested pace of 4 hours/week
    • Subtitles: English, Arabic, French, Portuguese (European), Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Spanish

    Coursera Rating: 4.6/5
    Enroll here:
  3. Enroll today to learn how to create and grow good connections with your partners using real-world tactics. Learn how to solve typical obstacles in Account Management while keeping loyalty with partners of various sizes and shapes through actual examples and case studies. This course is designed for those who are new to account management or who are considering becoming one.

    Build Partner Management skills to meet mutual goals, establish trust and overcome obstacles with this in-depth course.

    • Set individual and mutual goals to guide relationship development
    • Define boundaries and set clear expectations with partners
    • Explore strategies to expand the value of your partnership
    • Build partner delight and loyalty
    • Choose effective language to use in difficult conversations
    • Maintain healthy relationships with partners through ups and downs

    Many businesses now employ people to manage high-profile clients or partners. The primary goals of these team members, often known as Account Managers, are to support important partner satisfaction and loyalty, work toward agreed objectives, and, ultimately, create or expand partnerships to benefit their organization.

    This is an introductory training for aspiring or new Account Managers who want to understand the fundamentals of managing external partners. Advanced tactics and techniques will not be discussed.

    This course requirements:

    • This course doesn’t require any special equipment or skills.
    • Subtitles: English, French [Auto], German [Auto], Italian [Auto], Japanese, Simplified Chinese
    • It is helpful to have a partner(s) in mind for the case study activities. However, this is not required

    Udemy Rating: 4.4/5
    Enroll here:
  4. If you need to manage clients on an ongoing basis and have a challenge around:

    • Over-servicing;
    • Coping with project change;
    • Selling on value rather than time;
    • Retaining and growing clients;
    • Having difficult conversations;

    Become a Master of Client and Account Management includes all you need to know about the account/client manager's responsibilities, as well as how to put together plans, deal with tough clients, and have uncomfortable talks. How to deal with'scope creep' and avoid over servicing.

    You'll have access to tools and templates to assist you efficiently manage clients, resulting in longer-term relationships and rising income, in addition to my knowledge and experience.

    By the end of the course you will:

    • Confidently manage clients in all situations
    • Better understand your customers to ensure a great relationship
    • Manage changes to requirements without the need to over service
    • Learn how to politely but firmly push back on clients and say NO when necessary
    • Understand the importance of time recording, capacity management and project management tools
    • Present yourself in front of your peers and clients with confidence
    • Learn Active Listening skills

    This course requirements:

    • Desire to improve their client management skills
    • Anyone new to an account management role
    • Subtitles: English

    Udemy Rating: 4.3/5
    Enroll here:
  5. As you may be aware, in the enterprise market, 20% of revenue originates from 20% of clients. As a result, the company's resources should be allocated based on this percentage. (People-investment-marketing-) One customer can contribute 90% of revenue in several industries, such as telecommunications and electricity. To manage this account, an account manager or a team of managers should be very senior and experienced. What are your thoughts? Is your company in need of a key account program? Is your organization in need of a key account manager? If you answered yes, you should enroll in this course.

    This course requirements:

    • Experience in sales
    • Minumum 3-4 years experience in the enterprise and goverment market
    • Experience in managing sales and support people
    • Preferred project management knowledge
    • Subtitles: English

    Udemy Rating: 3.8/5
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  6. Essentials of Effective Key Account Management is designed to assist professionals become successful key account managers and contribute to their company's strategic goals. The curriculum will aid you in sharpening your abilities in existing key account manager responsibilities, learning the intricacies before stepping into key account management professions, and switching careers into key account management roles. The following topics will be covered throughout the program.

    Goal Alignment & Stakeholders engagement:

    • Account Development Strategies
    • Profit & Loss Management
    • Escalation Management
    • Change Management techniques
    • How to prepare for a Business Review
    • Project Management & Business Analytics implication in account management functions
    • Program governance

    This course requirements:

    • Graduate
    • Working professionals
    • Subtitles: English

    Udemy Rating: 3.5/5
    Enroll here:
  7. Over the previous two decades of selling, managing, and leading sales teams, people have seen five critical factors that aid to accelerate sales. These five factors have repeatedly helped to drastically cut sales cycles in many firms, resulting in exponentially increased revenues. The first two portions of the formula are the most important (and unique) sections of the formula, hence this course - The Account Management Way To Accelerate your sales cycle focuses on them.

    Those 5 key things, known as the The sales acceleration formula are

    1. A - account segmentation

    2. D - decision making analysis

    3. A - awake, understanding what keeps your decision makers awake at night

    4. P - Presenting the right solutions

    5. T - tackling objections

    This course requirement:

    • Must have some experience of sales
    • Must understand the basics of the in call sales process
    • Must be open to adapting their current sales approach

    Udemy Rating: 4.2/5
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