Top 7 Practices to Learn How to Love

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What exactly is love? According to Swami Sivananda, the objective of life is love. The law of life is love. God is Love, and God is Love. To love is to obey ... read more...

  1. We sometimes go on and assert many things about ourselves, such as "I am strong, I am powerful, I am rich, I am beautiful, I am the daughter of who, I am Vietnamese," and so on. But now declare that I am Love. Assert within yourself that Love is your true essence. Connect totally with Divine Love's secure and fulfilled love. It is a matter of connection, of feeling secure and contented, of being extremely happy. Inquire about your heart intelligence. Close your eyes, sit still, and listen to your inner voice.

    There are two kinds of people: emotional people and cerebral people. Of course, we are both, but one will stand out more than the other. Feel strong and whole, not needy, for individuals with an emotional disposition. Your emotions are frequently directed at something or someone. Feel as if you are withdrawing your feelings from yourself. Feel beyond your emotional need and declare, "I am Love." Those who are non-emotional and more academic need to relax, trust, and enable a soft feeling for people. You must let it because your intellect will suppress it.

    This is how we practice loving these two kinds of individuals.

    our Book “The Mind is the Map”
    our Book “The Mind is the Map”

  2. The roller coaster has steep hills that drop dramatically, middle hills, and lower hills. If possible, cycle only on lower hills. Of course, in order to ride a real roller coaster, you must ride them all. However, when it comes to your emotions, strive to keep them quieter.

    Recognize the extremes inside yourself. Remove the extremes consciously. There shouldn't be too much hatred or too much affection. Remove yourself from the opposing forces.

    Equanimity of heart is the same as equanimity practice or equal vision. Free yourself from the dualism of pleasures and pains, criticisms and praises, the friendly and the hostile, continually being moved by joys or sorrows, joy and sadness, joy and sorrow.

    "Love little but love long," Swami Sivananda once stated, and "you want to love a lot and die!"

  3. You will be surprised to learn that you should stop looking for happiness. But there is a reason behind this. The reason for this is because we have a long history of seeking happiness in the wrong places, thus our happiness is frequently accompanied by sorrow. Your relationship with happiness is frequently incorrect as you follow your prior emotional patterns, natural desires, and inborn prejudices and experiences.

    As a result, instead of seeking happiness, seek tranquility and long-term happiness. In truth, this enduring happiness will come naturally as you achieve calm, serenity, and contentment. Do not make the mistake of believing that you are closed off, hard and depressed, and that you do not believe in love... That is not peace; rather, it is resentment. Contentment does not imply that you are finished. This is not the case. Take note of the love and happiness that accompany anxieties and anxiety. This is not true love. If you love and experience worry and terror, you are on the wrong track.

    Tiny Buddha
    Tiny Buddha
    Greater Good Science Center - University of California, Berkeley
    Greater Good Science Center - University of California, Berkeley
  4. Practice by opening your heart. You can put some practices in place.

    • Seeing the divine in everyone, not just your friends and family... but in everyone. This will cause the heart to open.
    • Seeing people's good characteristics rather than their flaws and shortcomings opens the heart.
    • Exchange judgment for tolerance and heartfelt giving.
    • Instead, it opens the heart by feeling compassion.
    • Instead, forgiveness opens the heart and allows you to continue living. Forgiveness helps you to untangle the knots in your heart. It can be difficult to forgive at times. It's not about recognizing that the wrong hasn't been done or that the other person is correct; it's about continuing to live your life.
    • Gratitude practice opens the heart. Make a list of 5 things you're grateful for every day.
    • Being truthful allows the heart to open. Try to be sincere and honest with yourself; this will aid in the development of positive relationships with others.
    • Giving what you can, providing your time, giving a pleasant word or a nice thought, a silent prayer, and being philanthropic opens the heart. Every day, you can pray for a large number of people. There are a lot of people for whom you should pray. It will assist you in opening your heart.

    When the heart opens, it becomes pure by default. This makes it possible for true love to happen on its own.

    Make sure your heart does not close again since you can open it and it will close again. It's similar to how a door with a spring mechanism opens and closes automatically. In the entryway, place a boulder, a rock. Your heart must be open. You're not going to let your heart stop beating. It's not like you can open it on the weekend and shut it down during the week. Recognize how you might react if you find yourself in a new scenario that causes you to become protective and fearful. Recognize that potential whenever you find yourself in a circumstance that takes you back in time. Then you'd close your heart because you didn't want to go through that pain again.

    This does not imply that you are deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de You must be conscious, and you must draw in your higher mind, your untouchable higher energy, and pay attention so that you do not revert to old patterns of defensiveness, anxieties, and pains.

    There are many activities that may be done to open the heart, as you can see.

    Sivana East
    Sivana East
  5. Everyone has emotional patterns that they are familiar with. However, these feelings are not your genuine essence. It's just a matter of habit. How can we repair our emotional scars and break away from the harmful thinking habits and pain that conditional love brings? That is the issue: you love while you have these emotional patterns, but you can't love unconditionally. And you will suffer as a result of this. That is why you must work on your emotional issues.

    Fears (and anxieties)

    Attachment causes fear, which can paralyze you and cause you to freeze. You lose yourself when you are terrified of something. You want to gain yourself, to be who you are, and you don't want to lose yourself!

    Fear of mortality, fear of being alone, fear of public censure, and fear of losing are just a few examples. Replace fear with the opposite feeling to heal fear.


    • Courage
    • Faith
    • Detachment (opposite of attachment), letting go
    • Self-Enquiry
    • Self-confidence, self-reliance, count on yourself

    You're not being self-centered here. You're being yourself, and when you're being yourself, you're including everyone.


    Hatred is another pattern of emotion from which you must recover: hatred is the result of love gone awry. It is the polar opposite of love.


    • Practice compassion
    • See the self in others
    • Selfless service for people that you do not like
    • Practice Love in action

    This will untangle the knots in your heart, your heart can become clogged at times, preventing energy flow. These tangles exist as a result of prior egoistic tendencies and prejudices that have corrupted love into hatred. You may claim that "I love everyone and have no prejudices," but this is not the case. Please sit down and think about it; you have a lot of prejudices; you don't like people who are old, you don't like people who are male, you don't like people who are female, you don't like people who are business people, you don't like people who are black, you don't like people who are white, you don't like people who are poor, you don't love people who are rich, and you don't like people who are different from you. You have a huge list of preconceived notions. As a result, you must actively strive against it.

    Because you want to be deserving of the love you feel. You are the one who gets hurt if you allow these emotional habits to hinder that love. So, in order to feel the love that comes through when your emotions are pure and your heart is open, you must work on these prejudices.


    Greed is the result of our yearning for security and contentment being twisted into an unquenchable craving for material goods. Remove greed from your life and you'll discover inner stability and fulfillment.


    • Charity and giving
    • Contentment
    • Practice of gratitude
    • Renunciation

    Desire, lust

    We're talking about sexual drive, which is an inherent need for a mate. We are born in the body and feel separated, and divided, and there is a powerful procreative impulse in Nature. Because we are a part of nature, our yearning is powerful. However, You must replace it with a great yearning for union, union with your actual Self! You must develop your spirituality. You must elevate your entire Self so that you seek Union and become One rather than missing your counterpart. A man is missing a female, and a female is missing a male, and a male is missing a male, and so on. But you must be satisfied; you cannot be unsatisfied since you are your own person! Then you are no longer bound by this emotional pattern of want.

    Divine You
    Divine You
  6. Have faith in your Atman or genuine self. Second, faith in God-Mother, Supreme Being, and third, faith in the teaching and practice. Return to your practice if you are not feeling well.

    You must first build your spiritual ideal of love in order to cultivate faith. To love, you must first understand what you love. Then grow this Divine love in your meditation, as well as in all of your interactions and situations. This active exercise will help you break free from habitual behaviors and reach long-term enjoyment. To put it another way, you must practice devotion on a daily basis.

    Love for our chosen ideal begins within, in the dark recesses of our own hearts. Your own heart is where the Atman resides. It's the size of a thumb, according to Scripture, and it lives in the cave of your heart. As a result, you must love the selected ideal from the depths of your heart. This will restore the presence of love in our hearts, which has been obliterated by our association with our separate selves. As a result, we frequently experience all of these issues in our relationships, particularly personal ties, with our mothers, fathers, husbands, children, and so on. As a result, we must deliberately replace these feelings with Divine Love.

    Love for our chosen ideal is a very personal and spiritual experience, not a show of social compliance. Your heart is the temple.

    We can relax, self-surrender, become humble, and break through our egoistic restrictions, emotional patterns, and identifications by loving Divine Mother or devoting ourselves to the Supreme. It aids in the surrender of the ego, as well as the acceptance and healing of our emotions.

    The chosen ideal can be Divine Mother Energy

    • Everywhere you look, you can see the Divine in the energy of Nature or consciousness, in the food you consume, in the sun, the moon, and the stars.
    • Devotion can be directed toward the Divine Mother, who is the Divine manifestation that underpins all of life. Choose to call Her Saraswati, the goddess of intelligence, knowledge, creativity, and wisdom. The creator is Brahma.
    • Peace, love, harmony, virtue, righteousness, beauty, prosperity, and wealth are all symbols of Lakshmi's vitality. The preserver is Vishnu.
    • Durga. It's where your inner power and courage come from. Siva means "destroyer" in Sanskrit.

    Inner thoughts and feelings (called bhavas). Mother-son bhava; mother-daughter bhava is an inner sort of relationship that provides a sense of security, trust, and respect. We have the impression that the holy mother is watching over us.

    Other forms of divine connection based on habitual feelings:

    • Friend - Friend
    • Divine father - Son/daughter
    • Husband - Wife
    • Lover - Beloved
    • Servant - Master

    There are nine ancient Bhakti Yoga methods for cultivating selfless love in daily life. These 9 Bhakti Yoga practices, according to Bhakti Yoga teachings, assist you in transcending egoism and draw you closer to union with the Supreme:

    • Listen to inspiring Divine stories - Improve your ability to listen to other people's experiences about living and engaging with nature without passing judgment.
    • Sing Mother Nature's Glory - Learn to praise her and look for her incredible attributes in Nature sciences (our bio variety) and one's own magnificent physique. Learn to see the wonderful traits in others in your relationships.
    • In your prayers, remember Her/his name and presence by greeting each other with Om Namah Sivaya! Learn to recognize Divine Mother's presence and to appreciate the holiness of our interactions with Her. Be grateful for all living things, including trees, plants, animals, food, and people with whom you contact on a regular basis. Make your life more spiritual.
    • Service with humility - As children of the Mother, learn to actively serve Mother Earth as Goddess through gardening, planting, watering, and cooking.
    • Worship - Acquire the ability to recognize the divine in some rites. These are ancient rituals that you must learn and do in order to experience the holy emotion. As though we were performing puja for everyone, we offer our time and presence to contemplate Nature and give wonderful gifts to others.
    • Prostrations - Learn to treat animals, people you meet, and everyone around you with the utmost respect, regardless of who they are.
    • Cultivate the sense of being a servant of Mother Environment - Learn to build a self-sacrificing mentality rather than an arrogant attitude of conquering the earth.
    • Cultivate feelings of Mother Earth's friendliness - Learn to offer your heart to everyone equally, without hidden motivations, and without discriminating between those who are higher or lower than you. You get the feeling that you are a friend of the Earth, and you don't want to damage, imprison, or abuse your friend.
    • Complete self-surrender - Learn to accept all that happens to you and everything that nature does with equanimity, and let go of whatever expectations or judgments you may have about yourself or others.
    New City Fellowship Church | #GodsBlendedFamily
    New City Fellowship Church | #GodsBlendedFamily
    God In All Things
    God In All Things
  7. Consider everyone to be your own Atman. There is nothing else. There is no distinction, no duality. We are a single entity. Beyond names and forms, the practice seeks to find a relationship with Love itself. You can sense the love from whoever is present. You can feel the Love no matter what is going on around you. As a result, the relationship is with Love itself. Because the Atman is Love, you have a one-on-one relationship with it.

    We must develop Self-love in order to heal from emotional scars and patterns. Self-love and God-love are the same thing. It is your inner Self's love directed towards the Atman.

    Acceptance comes from self-love, which causes the mind to seek inwardly in search of happiness. Self-love, or delving inwards to find one's Self, will strengthen you so that you may recognize the love that has always existed within you.

    Self-love is not the same as egoism. The patterns of need and reliance that lead away from serenity and love are created by a lack of self-love and awareness. Self-respect and mental and emotional self-discipline go hand in hand with self-love.

    Yoga Digest
    Yoga Digest
    Tiny Buddha
    Tiny Buddha

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