Top 10 Reasons to Visit Mongolia

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Mongolia has something to offer everyone, whether you love the outdoors, are hunting for animals, or are just looking for peace and quiet in a new place to visit. Everyone is welcome in the nation, and it guarantees to provide you with unforgettable experiences. Here are the top reasons to visit Mongolia that can persuade you if you haven't given the idea much thought in the past.

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Warm and kind-hearted people

With the most hospitable and kindhearted citizens in the world, Mongolia is one of the friendliest nations. One of the main motives for why tourists like Mongolia is this. You'll be welcomed everywhere with open arms by the locals, and you'll quickly make friends. Whether they can speak your language or not, they always do so with a big smile. The world is well known for Mongolian culture, which is the only nomadic culture to still exist. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience to stay with these nomadic families in their Ger camps. They have earned a reputation for being welcoming throughout the world.

The language barrier is seldom a problem here. The people make the country seem incredibly approachable and welcoming due to the lovely open culture. They'll do everything to make you feel at home. Most visitors end up staying with a nomadic family Ger since everyone there is kind. You've probably heard of yurts, which is another name for the Ger encampment. They are prepared to provide food, beverages, and—most importantly—stories that you can take with you.
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Untouched by Modern Life

Mongolia is still unspoiled by modern life and free of mass tourism, with the exception of the capital city. This may change, though, when tourists start to swarm the nation as it becomes more well-known and as its infrastructure develops. Being able to enjoy the huge landscape's untainted nature at this time makes it a terrific site to visit. This is one of the reasons to visit Mongolia.

Due to intense commercialization, many nations have changed, and it is impossible to enjoy their cultures or discover their landscapes without running across numerous visitors. However, the situation in Mongolia now is unique. Tourists are drawn to it because of the tranquility and purity it offers. Whatever your style of travel personality, Mongolia has something that will appeal to you. This nation has a very serene, lovely, and natural atmosphere to it. You are transported far from the raucous chatter, throngs of people, and hectic pace of daily life. You should go to Mongolia right away if you want to encounter things that are entirely genuine and unique to this planet. And I assure you that you won't be let down.
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Unique festivals

Mongolia hosts some of the most fantastic festivals! Therefore, if you can travel to Mongolia at this period, it will make your trip there much more memorable. Visiting the nation during the national Nadaam Festival is a popular activity. It is both a national holiday and the most well-known celebration in the nation.

The festival is held every year, typically around the middle of July. There will be archery, horseback riding, and wrestling. Nadaam, which in Arabic means "a feast of sports," is much more than just a celebration of games and athletic competition. People gather, eat, enjoy themselves, generally down one or two bottles of alcohol, sing, dance, and put on a show. Meet the locals and discover the true culture of Mongolia.

The most authentic Nadaam Festival events may be seen in northern Mongolia, particularly around lake Khuvsgul. Additionally, remember to bring your camera because it's a beautiful event. The Altai Eagle Festival in West Mongolia is yet another fantastic festival held in Mongolia. Eagle hunters and their trained eagles will display their ancient culture in the Altai mountains. The eagle hunting season officially begins on the day of the event.
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Indigenous culture

Mongolian culture, one of the world’s last surviving nomadic cultures, is well known around the world. "Digital nomads" are now well-known to everyone. Online work, frequent relocation, and remote work. However, the nomads of Mongolia have been carrying out this activity for a very long time. This thing is one of the reasons to visit Mongolia. However, they do not work online; rather, they are based out of their mobile residence.

The yurt, a portable spherical tent covered with felt and skins, is where the nomads of Mongolia reside. A yurt is also referred to as a ger, which is how the Mongolians refer to their residence. Twice or three times per year, people pack up their entire lives and relocate. The nomadic families typically travel in the spring and right before the coldest months. The nomadic families travel in accordance with the seasonal natural conditions. The purpose of their actions is to give their herds fresh food and to keep themselves warm during the winter. They don't migrate from north to south; instead, they move from lowlands to highlands, or from open valleys to more secluded locations away from the wind. Mongolia's winters are extremely cold.
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One of a kind Food Experiences

Because it contains so much meat and dairy, Mongolian cuisine is intriguing especially if you travel to Mongolia during or right after the winter. Vegetables aren't readily available at that time in great quantity. It's remarkable that Mongolians consume and utilize every part of the animal. If they serve an item with intestines, you shouldn't be shocked. Therefore, Mongolia is a fantastic spot for you if you enjoy meat and don't mind trying new things.

In addition to meat, they also use other animal products. Animal skin is used to manufacture warm clothes in Mongolia, and cow poop is used to start fires. Dairy products are also widely available in Mongolia. They employ milk from their native camels, horses, cows, goats, yaks, and sheep in highly inventive ways. Aaruul was the most intriguing dairy treat that Mogolians were given. Aaruul is dried curd that is incredibly challenging to chew since it is so hard.
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Charming nature

Mongolia is a paradise for those who enjoy nature. One of the last big, unaltered ecosystems on earth is found in Mongolia. One of the largest continuous grasslands in the world is the steppe of Mongolia. This is due to Mongolia's largely successful avoidance of the widespread agricultural conversions that have led to the extinction of other grasslands throughout the world.

This country is home to a variety of breathtaking natural settings, including the Altai Mountains, the Mongolian steppe, and the Gobi Desert. There are numerous options for you to venture outside and discover nature. In this stunning country, you can go hiking, horseback riding, or camel trekking, which are all very popular outdoor activities. Mongolia offers a distinctive environment that will never get old and will provide you with calm and pleasant times. Mongolia is the ideal destination for your next vacation if you want to relax and take in the stunning scenery around you.
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Amazing landscapes

One of the most breathtaking places on earth, Mongolia is also a true destination for photographers and daring tourists. It is not only the last remaining true nomadic people and the country of the blue sky. Mongolia has so much more to offer in terms of its gorgeous natural settings and landscapes if you are among those who adore the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Undoubtedly a good reason to travel to Mongolia is its huge landscapes. The ideal locations for many activities, like camping, horseback riding, and hiking, are found in these pristine settings. The vastness and beauty of the environment are actually not well captured in photographs. Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere, far from the commotion of the city, with nothing but the undulating hills in your view. there is nothing! As you journey through the countryside, the scenery will continue to vary, so even if you are on the road for several hours, you won't grow bored. As a result of the shifting perspectives, your journey will never be without an interesting sight to see.
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Heart-Racing River Crossings

Mongolia is an ideal destination for those who love adventure journeys. A large portion of Mongolia lacks roads, at least not in the traditional sense used in the West. The same is true with bridges, which are hard to come by as well. Most of the time, the rivers are shallow enough to just reach a person's knees and small enough to be traversed on foot.

Some of them, however, like the one close to Tsagaanuur, Selenge, call for a little expertise and a good deal of bravery. Here, the river splits into numerous rocky, deep, and wide sections. Even the residents of the area are unsure of the best route through and across because it changes from month to month and year to year. Locals prefer using a Uaz van, which is the best car for Mongolia, for motorized transportation. If you carry your bike across the river rather than riding it, you might be able to do the same.
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Famous Mongolian drink

The traditional alcoholic fermented mare's milk beverage in Mongolia is called Airag or Ayrag. You cannot miss it while visiting Mongolia because it is the traditional national drink of the country. Outside of Mongolia, many people are more familiar with Airag as kumis, the name was given to all fermented mare's milk drinks in Central Asia.

One of the most important components of the Mongolian nation has always been horses. And as you can see, they are utilized for more than just riding. Since ancient times, Mongolians have discovered a means to create an alcoholic spirit from mare's milk, and this beverage has fast grown to be one of the most well-liked options. Mongolians have been drinking Airag for generations and still regard it as one of their most important cultural artifacts.

While traveling through the countryside, you are likely to come across a lot of traditional Mongolian settlements where people reside in contemporary gers and prepare this well-known beverage along with a variety of other traditional Mongolian foods and drinks. A family who wants to welcome you into their house will likely serve you a bowl of Airag. Additionally, any Mongolian who invites you to their home is likely to offer you this beverage. It's customary and just a manifestation of the kind hospitality for which the Mongols are renowned. In addition, Airag is consumed in large quantities during the Naadam Festival, as well as the majority of other celebrations in Mongolia, including the New Year.
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Hiking and Trekking paradise

The Gobi Sand Dunes, vast steppe landscapes, the spectacular Altai Mountain region over 4000 meters, and through lovely boreal forest-taiga in the north are all accessible in Mongolia, which is a hiking, trekking, and adventure travel heaven for everyone (from beginners to pros). You can choose a destination from huge steppe valleys covered in a variety of flowers depending on the season, or you can go on an intense walk into the mountains and along the lakes. It is not just for those who have a strong connection to nature and adventure; it is also for those who enjoy the culture and enjoy interacting with the locals and mother nature. For thousands of years, Mongolians have led nomadic lifestyles while tending to their cattle.

Numerous visitors with previous horseback riding expertise come to the area and connect with a local tour operator company to rent a horse with a local guide and instructor. And some of those who enjoy walking pick hiking, but you have the choice to combine a hike with horseback riding or camel trekking when you're feeling worn out. If you have a lot of weight to carry, you can also hire a horse, camel, or yak to help lighten your load.

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