Cascade River Waterfall

It is not wrong to say that Mahe Island is an island of beautiful natural waterfalls, because the last waterfall on this list - the Cascade River Waterfall - is also located on this island. This waterfall is a part of the Cascade River that runs through the East side of Mahe Island. Many tourist love to visit this waterfall to fully experience the tropical landscape of Seychelles.

Cascade River Waterfall will give you the best time on your trip to Seychelles, because it has beautiful cascading falls, green scenery of tropical forest, and most importantly, a view of a beautiful valley where the river continues to run through. The scenery is guaranteed to clear your mind and help you to release all your stress. Don't forget to bring a good camera here to capture this gem of Seychelles.

To reach the beautiful Cascade River Waterfall, you will have to take a 3-4 hour trail which is not easy for those who do not have enough hiking experience. This trail is close to the river and gets steep in between, so it gets quite slippery in most parts. It’s advisable to wear non-slippery hiking shoes and walk with extra caution.

Location: Mahe Island, Seychelles

Photo: Attenvo
Photo: Attenvo
Video: Emmanuel Isnard

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