Flower uchin

Flower urchin often lives in coral reeds, seagrass, and sandy environments. This creature get their name from their flower-like patterning and pinkish coloring. There are about 200 different species throughout the world's waters. They can be found in various places, such as Okinawa in Japan, Tasmania in Africa, Australia, Red Sea, Africa East Coast, and Crook Islands. Because of the vast area that the oceans cover on the planet, determining the population of sea urchin flowers is quite challenging.

Flower urchin gets their name from their flower-like patterning and pinkish coloring. This species is regarded as the world's most hazardous urchin. While the sting of a flower urchin does not kill the marine animal, it is powerful enough to cause considerable discomfort and slow down stung creatures. If touched, it will deliverpainful stings that can lead to hospitalization, adding to paralyzed tongue, lips, eyes, and musicale. The symptoms include dizziness, difficulty breathing, and the inability to speak.

Photo: Reef Guide
Photo: Reef Guide
Photo: Flickr
Photo: Flickr

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