Titan Triggerfish

Titan Triggerfish can be found on coral reefs all across the world, from Australia to Thailand. Titan triggerfish have densely scaled bodies with dark cores and are green or dark gray. On the dorsal and anal fins, there are black borders. Divers who get too close to nests have been reported to be bitten by this fish. When diving near coral reefs, they should be avoided at all costs.

Titan Triggerfish can reach lengths of up to 75 centimeters and eat sea urchins, tube worms, coral, and mollusks. They have also been notorious for acting aggressively toward other fish. The titan triggerfish nest is often found in a flat sandy location and is fiercely guarded by the female with the help of the first dorsal spine against intruders. Although their bites are not venomous, they are unpleasant and can cause considerable harm. In addition, ciguatoxin, a natural poison that is harmless to other fish but deadly to humans, is occasionally released.

Photo: Scuba
Photo: Scuba
Source: BBC Earth

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