The stonefish is considered one of the most dangerous sea creatures. They can be found near the Indian and Pacific Ocean shores. Stonefish are masters of camouflage, blending in so well with their surroundings that prey, predators, and even human scuba divers have difficulty spotting them. After waiting for hours, stonefish strike when their potential meal is less than a body length away. Their muscular jaws and big lips apply so much pressure to their prey that they can simply suck it down and consume it whole.

In nature, the stonefish uses its venom to prevent predation rather than acquire prey. Their stings are extremely painful, result in terrible pain, swelling, necrosis (tissue death) and can lead to hospitalization or even death. Swimmers frequently walk on these fish, causing the poison to enter the bottom of the foot. Swimmers picking up these fish in the water or on the beach can also sometimes cause stings.

Photo: Suffer Today
Photo: Suffer Today
Source: National Geographic

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures Of All Times

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  9. top 9 Lionfish
  10. top 10 Stingray

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