Sea snakes

These venomous snakes, which can be found in warm coastal waters, are one of the most dangerous sea creatures in the underwater world. Because of their compact bodies, sea snakes are frequently mistaken for eels. They need to surface frequently because they breathe air. They range in intensity from gentle to violent. While some sea snakes can be handled safely, others are said to be avoided.

Unlike terrestrial snakes, which can wait for their meal to perish from their venom, sea snakes must have a fast-acting venom to prevent their prey from escaping to deeper depths. Therefore, sea snakes' venom is much more toxic than their land counterpart. The venom of the Beaked Sea Snake, for example, is so poisonous that only three drops can kill eight people. The majority of them are reluctant to bite. However, one species, Hydrophis platurus, contains venom that is greater and more potent than any other terrestrial snake. There have been a few deaths reported, but not many.

Photo: How Stuff Works
Photo: How Stuff Works
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