The lionfish is also called zebrafish or firefish. They look beautiful but are one of the most venomous marine creatures. They're brightly colored, with red, white, and black bands. Their bodies are covered in spiny fins that protrude outward.

Lionfish are good predators that pose a threat to divers and fishermen. The venom contains a neuromuscular toxin with a toxicity similar to cobra venom. When a lionfish's spine penetrates the skin of predators, the venom is released. It is perilous to get into contact with lionfish, yet they are not aggressive fish.

When a person is stung, they can experience everything from excruciating pain to vomiting and difficulties breathing. Diarrhea, heartburn, headaches, and numbness are all possible side effects. The pain from a lionfish sting is usually severe for the first several hours, then gradually lessens. The pain could last up to 12 hours or longer to go away. Their venom is rarely lethal, but severe allergic reactions have resulted in hospitalization and death in the past.

Photo: NPR
Photo: NPR
Source: National Geographic

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