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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., often known as Hon Hai Technology Group in China and Taiwan and Foxconn in the rest of the world, is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei City, Taiwan. It is the world's leading manufacturer and provider of technological services as well as one of the largest Taiwanese companies by market capitalization. While the corporation is located in Taiwan, the majority of its revenue is generated by assets in mainland China, and it is one of the world's greatest employers.

Foxconn produces electronics for large American, Canadian, Chinese, Finnish, and Japanese corporations. The BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, all Nintendo gaming systems since the GameCube (except subsequent Nintendo DS models), Nokia devices, Cisco products, Sony devices (including the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles), Google Pixel devices, and many more are all manufactured by Foxconn. Foxconn plants produced an estimated 40% of all consumer electronics sold worldwide in 2012.

According to analysts, the handover marks the company's future orientation, highlighting the importance of semiconductors, as well as technologies such as artificial intelligence, robots, and autonomous driving, once Foxconn's traditional main business of producing smartphones has matured. One of Foxconn's primary goals is to concentrate on semiconductors. Recently, Hon Hai has been attempting to diversify its business. In 2013, it entered the telecom sector by acquiring a license for Taiwan's fourth-generation high-speed mobile spectrum in an auction. It also strives to broaden the spectrum of things produced in contract manufacturing.

Founded: 1974
Headquarters: New Taipei, Taiwan

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