Goo Sunho (Spirit Fingers)

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Ng Thùy Linh

Goo Sunho appears in the manhwa "Spirit Fingers," created by Kyoungchan No. Serving as a supporting character, Sunho is recognized for his pleasant and friendly manner. Regarding his looks, the illustrations often depict him with a tidy and welcoming appearance.

Sunho's physical traits are portrayed in a detailed manner, highlighting a genial expression that complements his friendly personality. His clothing choice leans towards casual attire, indicating a relaxed and relatable fashion sense. Sunho's visual presentation plays a role in portraying him as a supportive and understanding friend in the storyline.

The manhwa "Spirit Fingers" frequently employs expressive and intricate artwork to convey the emotions and attributes of its characters. Sunho's appearance harmonizes with the general atmosphere of the series, centered on themes of friendship, self-discovery, and personal development. Readers can anticipate Sunho's visual depiction to mirror his positive impact in the narrative, emphasizing his welcoming and warm interactions with the main characters.

Chapters: 163
: Finished
: May 16, 2015 to Jul 21, 2018
: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
: Han, Kyoung-chal (Story & Art)

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