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Ng Thùy Linh

Suho Lee stands out as a key figure in the manhwa "True Beauty," crafted by Yaongyi. His life takes a different direction when he comes across Im Ju-kyung, the female lead who transforms from a self-conscious girl into a stunning beauty through makeup.

Suho Lee is described as a handsome and reserved high school student. Known for his striking looks, Suho possesses an attractive and appealing appearance that captures the attention of those around him. He is portrayed with a certain charm and elegance, contributing to his status as one of the notable characters in the series.

Suho's physical features, such as his facial expressions, hairstyle, and clothing, are likely illustrated in detail throughout the manhwa. Artists often depict him with a cool and aloof demeanor, emphasizing his reserved nature. The visuals in the manhwa play a crucial role in conveying Suho's attractiveness and the impact he has on other characters, including the female protagonist, Im Ju-kyung.

Suho's character is intricate, blending outer charm with internal complexities. He is depicted as a kind and thoughtful friend, yet his past encounters have shaped him into someone who is cautious and tends to keep to himself. Suho's journey in "True Beauty" revolves around facing the hurdles of high school life, managing friendships, and dealing with the intricacies of romantic emotions.

As the story unfolds, Suho becomes a crucial figure in Ju-kyung's life, and their relationship takes center stage in the narrative. Recognized for his depth of emotions, Suho delves into themes of vulnerability, trust, and self-discovery. His internal struggles and the exploration of his past contribute to shaping him into a fully developed and captivating character within the storyline of "True Beauty."

Chapters: 257
: Finished
: Apr 3, 2018 to Apr 10, 2023
: Comedy, Drama, Romance
: Kim, Na-young (Story & Art)
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