Kang Tae Moo (A Business Proposal)

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Ng Thùy Linh

Kang Tae-moo in the famous webtoon Business Proposal is fun to tell not only because of his good-looking but also his response towards the main female Shin Ha Ri as well. The plot revolves around Shin Ha-ri, who agrees to replace her friend Jin Young-seo on a blind date arranged by Young-seo's father. The plan was for Ha-ri to be rejected by her date, but it takes an unexpected turn when her prospective partner turns out to be Kang Tae-moo, the CEO of Go Food, the company where Ha-ri works.

Kang Tae Moo hails from a wealthy upbringing, and possesses remarkable talent, yet exudes an exceptionally chilly demeanor. His aura reflects the cool and charismatic presence commonly associated with chief executives. Kang Tae-moo is the recently appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Go Food, a branch of the conglomerate established by his grandfather. Having completed his education at Harvard University, he became part of Go Food, initially serving in an international division before returning to Korea not long ago. His grandfather compels him to participate in a blind date, driven by the desire to witness him enter into matrimony.

Despite the initial frosty relationship, Tae-moo "bullies" and "bribes" Ha-ri into pretending to be his fiancée to avoid more blind dates, offering her payment for each date. Ha-ri, facing financial struggles, reluctantly accepts the deal. As they continue fake dating, their relationship evolves, and they grow closer. Even after Tae-moo discovers Ha-ri's real identity, he still loves her, and they eventually become a couple.

Chapters: 124
: Finished

Published: Sep 19, 2018 to Jul 10, 2022
: Comedy, Drama, Romance
: Haehwa (Story), NARAK (Art)

Read here: https://www.webtoons.com/en/canvas/my-business-proposal/list

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