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Ng Thùy Linh

Lee Young Joon is the main character in the famous webtoon "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim," is widely regarded as hot and sexy for a combination of reasons that go beyond his physical appearance. Blessed with striking looks, Young Joon exudes confidence and charisma as the vice president of a successful company.

His undeniable allure stems not just from his handsome features but also from his authoritative and commanding presence. Young Joon's self-assured demeanor, combined with a touch of arrogance, creates a magnetic quality that draws viewers in. His tailored suits, poised posture, and impeccable grooming contribute to an image of sophistication and sexiness.

Whether navigating the complexities of the corporate world or dealing with his evolving feelings for his secretary, Young Joon's internal conflicts and emotional development contribute to the allure that makes him stand out as a "hot" character in the series. In conclusion, the juxtaposition of Young Joon's confident exterior with glimpses of his softer side creates a captivating dynamic, making him more than just a visually appealing character.

Chapters: 98
: Finished

Published: Jun 28, 2016 to Sep 19, 2018
: Comedy, Romance
: Kim, Myeongmi (Story & Art), Jung, Kyung-Yoon (Story)

Read here: https://www.tappytoon.com/en/book/whysecretarykim

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