Sung Jin Woo (Solo Leveling)

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Ng Thùy Linh

Jinwoo, a young man characterized by his striking handsomeness, muscular physique, gray eyes, and black hair with sharp facial features, exhibits a unique trait: his eyes glow bright purple when utilizing his powers or feeling agitated. Typically attired in dark colors, especially black, he adopts a black glove for his left hand after defeating the Monarchs a second time - a hand that suffered severe scarring in his battle against Antares.

During his earlier, weaker phase, Jinwoo was a short, slender individual with long hair covering his ears, presenting a boyish face that made him appear younger than his sister Jinah. He favored a simple ensemble comprising a blue hoodie and jeans. Despite his physical transformation, Jinwoo maintains a humble and compassionate nature, holding a deep concern for his family and an intense desire for power. His close bond with his sister and mother is evident, and he seizes every opportunity to enhance his strength.

Noteworthy is Jinwoo's demeanor as the world's most formidable hunter - far from arrogant, he exudes politeness and an easygoing attitude. Indifferent to materialistic desires, he exhibits selflessness, exemplified when he instantly teleported to Jeju Island to rescue other Korean S-Rank Hunters without hesitation. However, in the heat of battle, he becomes ruthless, indiscriminately dispatching foes and displaying a hint of disdain, as seen in his taunting of the Ant King and mockery of the Architect for flaws in the System's design.

In stark contrast, during his weaker phase, Jinwoo was timid and insecure, grappling with feelings of incompetence as a hunter and facing a troubled family situation. Despite dedicating years to risky raids for his family's well-being, he concealed his shame regarding his circumstances, as evidenced by fabricating reasons when questioned by Joohee about choosing hunting as his profession.

Chapters: 201
: Finished

Published: Mar 4, 2018 to May 31, 2023
: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
: Chugong (Story), Jang, Sung-rak (Art), Disciples (Art)

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