It’s A Dangerous Place

Thousands of individuals have visited Venezuela without incident, yet there are plenty of alarming statistics. After Honduras, it has the world's second highest rate of gun-related deaths (59.13 per 100,000 residents per year), while the capital, Caracas, has the worst murder rate of any big city (119.87 per 100,000 residents per year). This is one of the things about Venezuela you should know.

Much of the country is not recommended for travel, according to the Foreign Office. Only the Amazonas states to the south and east, Delta Amacuro and Bolvar, and the offshore Los Roques Archipelago National Park are currently safe to visit. "Violent crime and kidnapping pose a serious concern throughout Venezuela," it continues. Always be cautious, including when entering the nation.

Since early April 2017, significant political demonstrations and protests have occurred on a regular basis in Caracas and other cities, resulting in arrests, injuries, and deaths.

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