Traditional Venezuelan Food Has A Great Variety

The cuisine of Venezuela is influenced by European (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French) as well as West African and indigenous traditions. Venezuelan food differs widely depending on the location. Corn, rice, plantains, yams, beans, and a variety of meats are all staples. Side dishes in the Venezuelan diet include potatoes, tomatoes, onions, eggplants, squashes, spinach, and zucchini. Most recipes include aj dulce and papelón. Stews typically include Worcestershire sauce. Venezuela is also recognized for its huge variety of white cheese (queso blanco), which is usually named for the geographical region where it is produced.

The "Pabellón Criollo," which comprises of rice, beans, sliced and shredded beef, is one of the most well-known traditional dishes (although each version also depends on the region). The "arepas" and "empanadas," cooked with corn flour and seasoned with various fillings, reign supreme for breakfast. In terms of drinks, "Malta," a type of black barley beer that contains no alcohol, is one of the most traditional, as is "chicha," a thick drink made with rice.

Venezuelans idolize hamburgers, hot dogs, and meat sandwiches known as "pepitos" when it comes to street cuisine. Sauces, mojitos, spices, and cheeses, which may be easily purchased among the stalls set along the side of the streets, or concentrated in regions known as "Calle El Hambre," are also typical additions.

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