The Climate In Venezuela Is Quite Diverse: It Has 8 Different Zones

Without ever leaving the country's borders, you can choose a different climate for various types of vacation demands. It is one of the things about Venezuela you should know. Venezuela's climate is tropical and isothermal due to its proximity to the Equator, but due to geography and the prevalent wind direction, various climatic types exist that are similar to those found in temperate and even polar countries. The Venezuelan economy is unaffected by latitude. While coastal cities like Maracaibo, Barcelona, Porlamar, and Maiquetia can get extremely hot, cities in valleys like Mérida, Caracas, Los Teques, and San Cristobal have cooler temperatures, and the highest towns like Mucuchies and Apartaderos have frigid (tundra) climates.

Perhaps you'd like to go skiing around Mérida's snowy peaks, or perhaps you'd like to show off your best swimwear on Margarita, Aragua, or Falcón's scorching and magnificent beaches. Perhaps you'd want to explore the thermal springs or the wide Apure plains, or perhaps you'd like to visit one of our natural deserts.

This area also features the world's highest concentration of lightning, which has been entered to the Guinness Book of World Records. This remarkable phenomena is known as "El Relámpago del Catatumbo," and it takes place in the Maracaibo Lake Basin, one of Latin America's largest lakes.

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