Most Venezuelans Are Tolerant To LGBT Rights

Those who dare to claim their rights and show themselves to be different from others face a constant battle in the world. Even though same-sex marriages are not legal in Venezuela, they are not formally forbidden. This is also one of the things in Venezuela you should know.

Same-sex sexual conduct is legal in Venezuela for both men and women, although same-sex couples and homes headed by same-sex couples do not have the same legal protections as opposite-sex married couples. Since 1999, same-sex marriage and de facto relationships have been prohibited under the Constitution.

It is fairly typical to have a friend who is a member of the LGBT community in all of the major cities. In comparison to other countries, gay people may meet freely and be themselves, which makes their lives much easier and happier. Since its taboo has lost its power in the eyes of modern society, homophobia appears to have ceased to be a "hot topic" in this country.

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