Venezuela’s Natural Scenery Is One Of The Oldest In The World

Venezuelan "tepuyes" are rock formations that have existed for billions of years on the planet, with one specific "tepuy" known as "Roraima" being the highest. A variety of vegetation, including some carnivorous plants, was able to thrive and flourish on our soil due to our unique environment. As a result, many kinds of flora and wildlife that survive in Venezuela are found nowhere else on the planet. This is one of the things about Venezuela you should know.

If you want to have a closer look at this natural wonder, guided excursions can be arranged if you travel with an expert. The locals are very protective of their territories, and no one is allowed to venture there alone. The journey to the summit can take several days.

The "Llovizna" National Park in "Ciudad Guayana," as well as the Angel Falls, a natural cascade with a height of over 970 meters, are two of Venezuela's most recognized sites. It is also the world's highest continuously flowing waterfall.

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