Learn TensorFlow 2.0: Implement Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models with Python

Pramod Singh is currently employed at Walmart Labs as a Machine Learning Expert. He has a strong background in machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, data engineering, algorithm design, and application development. He has more than ten years of experience working on various data projects for various firms. Machine Learning with PySpark, Learn PySpark, and Learn TensorFlow 2.0 are his three books.

Avinash Manure is a Senior Data Scientist at Publicis Sapient with more than 8 years of expertise in using data to solve real-world business problems. He knows how to use advanced machine learning and statistical modeling algorithms and techniques to find trends and extract important insights for key stakeholders and organizational leadership.

One of the best books on TensorFlow is Learn TensorFlow 2.0. With detailed examples, learn how to use TensorFlow 2.0 to develop machine learning and deep learning models. The book opens with an overview of the TensorFlow 2.0 framework, as well as the key modifications since its last version. It then moves on to utilizing TensorFlow 2.0 to create Supervised Machine Learning models. It also shows how to use customer estimators to create models. It also demonstrates how to utilize the TensorFlow 2.0 API to create a machine learning and deep learning models for image categorization using standard and custom parameters.

You'll go into sequence predictions, as well as saving, serving, deploying, and standardizing datasets, before putting these models into production. All of the code in the book will be available on Github as executable scripts, allowing you to experiment with the examples and extend them in creative ways.

What you will learn:

  • Examine TensorFlow 2.0's new features.
  • Build machine learning and deep learning models using TensorFlow 2.0.
  • TensorFlow 2.0 is used to make sequence predictions.
  • Use practical examples to deploy TensorFlow 2.0 models.

Authors: Pramod Singh & Avinash Manure

Check price: https://www.amazon.com/Learn-TensorFlow-2-0-Implement-Learning-dp-1484255607/dp/1484255607?

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