TensorFlow Machine Learning Projects

Ankit Jain is a senior research scientist at Uber AI Labs, the company's machine learning research division. He has spoken at several of the world's leading AI conferences and colleges, including UC Berkeley, the O'Reilly AI Conference, and others.

Armando Fandango develops AI-enabled products using his deep learning, machine learning, distributed computing, and computational techniques experience and has held thought leadership roles as a Chief Data Scientist and Director at both startups and large corporations.

Amita Kapoor is an Associate Professor at the University of Delhi's SRCASW Department of Electronics. At the International Conference on Photonics 2008, she received the Best Presentation Award. She has published over 40 papers in international publications and conferences as a member of the ACM, IEEE, INNS, and ISBS.

TensorFlow has changed the way people think about machine learning. TensorFlow Machine Learning Projects shows you how to take advantage of TensorFlow's advantages—simplicity, efficiency, and flexibility—in a variety of real-world projects. You'll not only learn how to develop complex projects utilizing various datasets with the help of this book, but you'll also be able to solve common problems using a variety of libraries from the TensorFlow ecosystem.

What you will learn:

  • Using a variety of datasets and approaches, learn about the TensorFlow ecosystem.
  • Create mechanisms for making high-quality product suggestions.
  • Create projects with CNNs, natural language processing, and Bayesian neural networks.
  • Deep reinforcement learning is used to play Pac-Man.
  • Scalable TensorFlow-based machine learning systems should be deployed.
  • RNNs can be used to create your book script.

Some reviews about this book: “There are lots of talks about Tensorflow and I was looking for a book which can explain the concepts and framework in a simplified way. As an AI/ML learner, I found this book very helpful and was able to adapt the Tensorflow for my current project in a faster way. This is an excellent book for the one who wants to learn Tensorflow even without any background.”

Authors: Ankit Jain, Armando Fandango & Amita Kapoor

Check price: https://www.amazon.com/TensorFlow-Machine-Learning-Projects-computations-ebook/dp/B07GDHJBDZ?

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