Natural Language Processing with TensorFlow

Thushan Ganegedara is a Ph.D. student in his third year at the University of Sydney in Australia. He is an expert in machine learning with a preference for deep learning. He lives dangerously and uses untested data to run algorithms. He also works for AssessThreat, an Australian start-up, as the principal data scientist. He earned his bachelor's degree in science (Hons) from the University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka. He publishes technical papers and courses on machine learning regularly.

The majority of data available to deep learning applications comes from natural language processing (NLP), and TensorFlow is the most popular deep learning framework currently available. Natural Language Processing with TensorFlow combines TensorFlow and NLP to provide you with useful tools for working with today's massive amounts of unstructured data and applying these tools to specific NLP tasks.

What you will learn:

  • NLP's fundamental concepts and methodologies for natural language processing,
  • How to use TensorFlow functions to design neural networks to solve NLP jobs
  • Methods for converting vast volumes of data into word representations that deep learning algorithms can understand.
  • Techniques for employing CNNs and RNNs to conduct sentence classification and language generation.
  • To address complicated text creation tasks, state-of-the-art sophisticated RNNs, such as long short-term memory, are being used.
  • How to create a neural machine translation from the ground up by writing automatic translation programs.
  • Trends and Advancements in NLP that are paving the way for the future.

Some reviews about this book: “Great book if you want to learn the practical application of NLP on Tensorflow. I loved the way the book was structured with examples and working code samples in Github.”; “I found the coverage of NLP with TensorFlow most comprehensive compared to any other book. I could solve some of my issues using the example presented in the book.”

Author: Thushan Ganegedara

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