Pro Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Santanu Pattanayak is currently employed as a Senior Data Scientist at GE Digital. He has a total of ten years of professional experience, six of which are in the field of data analytics/data science, as well as a background in development and database technologies. Santanu had worked at RBS, Capgemini, and IBM before joining GE. He also spends time competing in data science hackathons and Kaggle competitions, where he is among the top 500 competitors worldwide.

TensorFlow makes it simple to deploy deep learning solutions in production. You'll also gain the mathematical knowledge and intuition needed to create your deep learning structures and solutions.

Pro Deep Learning with TensorFlow gives you real, hands-on knowledge so you can study deep learning from the ground up and deploy useful deep learning solutions. This book will teach you how to quickly understand TensorFlow and how to optimize various deep learning architectures.

You'll have the mathematical and scientific skills you need to do research in this sector and give back to the community.

What you will learn:

  • Master how to use TensorFlow to learn full-stack deep learning and get a solid mathematical foundation for deep learning.
  • TensorFlow allows you to deploy complicated deep learning solutions in production.
  • Use TensorFlow to do deep learning research and experimentation.

Some reviews about this book: “As a PhD student doing research on deep learning at a US university, I find this book really helpful for in-depth explanations on the math and theory behind deep learning.”; “I am very impressed with this book. In particular, for all my interns, the section on mathematics (great introduction) and the gentle introductions are helpful.”

Author: Santanu Pattanayak

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