TensorFlow in 1 Day: Make your own Neural Network

Krishna Rungta has worked in professional software development and testing for over 13 years, as an individual contributor, technical lead, and now CEO. He is a computer nerd who believes that the future will rely largely on nerds for both security and company success. By publishing books and sharing his incredible experiences, he hopes to democratize knowledge.

Tensorflow is the most widely used Deep Learning library. It features a superb graph computations capability that allows data scientists to use TensorBoard to visualize their created neural network. Both Convolution and Recurrent Neural Networks are supported by this Machine Learning library. It supports both CPU and GPU simultaneous processing. Deep Learning Classification, wipe & deep, and Boston Tree is just a few of the machine learning algorithms offered by TensorFlow. The book is really practical, and it teaches you how to use deep learning in the real world.

Some reviews about this book: “This book is simple and fascinating. I pursue this book and furthermore get numerous accommodations. I wish it would become prominent and famous. I adore it definitely.”; “As a "newbie" it has been a chore to find a concise explanation and introduction to the overall subject matter of AI, ML, and DL.”

Author: Krishna Rungta

Check price: https://www.amazon.com/TensorFlow-Day-Make-Neural-Network-ebook/dp/B07H474R7Q?

Photo: https://www.amazon.com/
Photo: https://www.amazon.com/
Photo: https://www.amazon.com/
Photo: https://www.amazon.com/

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