Top 10 Best Apps for iPhone

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Navigating through the App Store's vast selection of apps can be daunting. To simplify things, Toplist has compiled a list of the best apps for iPhone that ... read more...

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    AllTrails is a widely-used iPhone platform that provides an extensive selection of trail maps, reviews, and pertinent information for individuals who enjoy outdoor activities. With its impressive database of over 100,000 trails spanning North America and various other global destinations, AllTrails is a reputable and dependable source for hikers, runners, and cyclists.

    The app allows users to search for trails based on various criteria such as location, difficulty level, distance, and elevation gain. Each trail listing provides essential information such as trail length, estimated time, photos, user reviews, and detailed maps. Users at AllTraits can also save their favorite trails and create personalized lists for future reference.

    Furthermore, AllTrails stands out for its community-driven content. Users can share their experiences, reviews, and photos of trails, allowing others to benefit from their firsthand knowledge. This creates a rich and diverse database of information that is extremely helpful for planning adventures and discovering new trails.

    Unique features of AllTraits:

    • Extensive trail database
    • Trail reviews and ratings
    • Offline access

    Price: Free | $2.99 per month | $35.99 per year

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    InShot, a cutting-edge video editing app that will transform the way you create captivating video stories. With InShot, you can effortlessly edit videos, pictures, and even create stunning collages all in one place. Gone are the days of spending hours hunched over complicated editing software - now you can produce awe-inspiring videos in just a matter of minutes.

    As one of the best apps for iPhone, InShot's reputation is its ability to merge multiple videos simultaneously. By allowing you to combine different video clips seamlessly, this app enables you to bring your creative vision to life. Although the merging speed may be a bit slower at times, the end result is well worth the wait.

    The video editor within InShot boasts a plethora of impressive features. You can easily trim, cut, or split videos with a few simple taps. In addition, InShot also offers a vast collection of stickers that you can incorporate into your videos with just a few clicks. For those looking to take their videos to the next level, the edit section provides a variety of effects, including the ability to animate stickers and even add background blurring.

    Unique features of InShot:

    • Make video collages
    • Add voice effects
    • Smooth slow motion and transitions

    Price: Free | from $1.99

    Link download:


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    Ibotta is a popular mobile application that offers a convenient way for users to earn cash back on everyday purchases. With over 35 million downloads, Ibotta has become a go-to app for savvy shoppers looking to save money while shopping for groceries, clothing, electronics, and more.

    works by allowing users to browse through a variety of offers from different retailers, which can range from cash back on specific items or general categories. Once an offer is chosen, users simply click on it to add it to their account. After completing the purchase, users can submit their receipts within the app to receive cash back.

    Furthermore, Ibotta has established extensive partnerships with leading brands, merchants, and shopping apps such as Uber,, Groupon, and eBay, to mention a few. With these collaborations, you can effortlessly save money without the inconvenience of searching for traditional coupons or dealing with frustrating promo codes. It's a remarkable offering that fulfills the desires of today's tech-savvy shoppers!

    Unique features of Ibotta:

    • Easy cash withdrawal
    • Cash back on gift cards
    • Bonuses on hitting shopping milestones

    Price: Free

    Link download:


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    JustFit: Lazy Workout

    JustFit: Lazy Workout is a groundbreaking fitness app designed for those who find it challenging to fit into regular exercise routines due to a busy lifestyle or lack of motivation. This innovative app aims to help individuals stay fit and enhance their overall well-being conveniently.

    With JustFit, users can easily access a variety of exercise options, including simple yoga poses, stretching exercises, mini workouts, and meditation sessions. The app offers step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations for each exercise, ensuring proper form and technique.

    Moreover, JustFit features customizable workout plans, allowing users to select the duration and intensity level that suits their preferences and fitness levels. The app also provides reminders to encourage consistency and help users stay on track with their fitness goals.

    In addition to the exercise routines, JustFit incorporates motivational features such as fitness challenges, progress tracking, and rewards, keeping users engaged and motivated throughout their fitness journey.

    Unique features of JustFit:

    • Easy to commit with no equipment
    • Personalized plan
    • Track daily progress

    Price: Free | from $19.99 per month

    Link download:


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    VSCO is recognized as one of the top manual camera apps for iPhone, known for its sleek interface and extensive customization options. Even the free version of the app offers a photo editor with 10 presets to enhance your images.

    However, the true power of VSCO lies in its membership, which unlocks over 200 editing options for truly personalized photos. Advanced tools like Split Tones elevate the depth and quality of image processing. Additionally, the app boasts a thriving community of VSCO users who generously share tips and tricks to enhance your photo and video editing skills.

    Furthermore, you have the option to upload or download custom presets created by fellow VSCO community members, expanding your creative possibilities. The only drawback is that the free version of the app is limited in terms of features, making membership the ideal way to fully enjoy the VSCO experience.

    Unique features of VSCO:

    • Advanced editing tools
    • A huge number of presets
    • Helpful community

    Price: Free | from $7.99 per month | from $29.99 per year

    Link download:


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    When comes to password manager apps for iPhone, Dashlane stands out as the top choice. This app offers a secure and convenient solution for managing your passwords. In today's world, it's crucial to have strong and unique passwords for every online account, but remembering them all can be a challenge.

    addresses this problem by securely storing your passwords in an encrypted vault. It even has an autofill feature that automatically fills in your login information when you visit a website. This saves you time and eliminates the need to remember and enter passwords manually. Additionally, the app supports seamless login with Face ID or Touch ID, allowing you to access your accounts with a simple glance or tap.

    Dashlane isn't just any password manager app; it is one of the best options available for iPhone users. With Dashlane, you can create and store unlimited secure passwords, ensuring that each one is unique and difficult to crack. The app also securely syncs your sensitive data across all your devices, so you can access it whenever you need it. Say goodbye to the hassle of remembering multiple passwords for different accounts with Dashlane.

    Unique features of Dashlane:

    • Get instant alerts of unknown logins
    • Beautiful dark mode
    • Automatically syncs data across devices

    Price: Free | from $3.49 per month

    Link download:


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    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of educational resources and courses. Launched in 2006 by educator Salman Khan, the platform aims to provide free and accessible education to anyone, anywhere in the world.

    With Khan Academy, learners have access to thousands of video lessons, practice exercises, and quizzes covering subjects such as math, science, computer programming, history, and more. The lessons are designed simply and straightforwardly, making it easy for learners to follow along and understand complex concepts.

    Moreover, Khan Academy is renowned for its personalized learning approach. Learners can create an account and track their progress, allowing the platform to recommend lessons and exercises based on individual needs and strengths.

    Khan Academy has gained widespread recognition and is used by millions of students, teachers, and parents across the globe. It has been praised for its effectiveness in supplementing classroom instruction, as well as for its accessibility and inclusivity.

    Unique features of Khan Academy:

    • Wide range of K-12 content
    • All subject areas
    • Family sharing

    Price: Free

    Link download:


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    With the release of iOS 16, a whole new realm of customization has been unlocked, allowing users to truly personalize their devices. Among the many gems in the App Store, there is one wallpaper app that stands out from the rest - MyScreen. This app provides a plethora of stunning images that will transform both your Home and Lock screens into visual masterpieces.

    MyScreen presents a collection of Depth Effect Wallpapers. These wallpapers create a mesmerizing illusion of depth, giving your device a unique and captivating look. Additionally, the wallpaper shuffle collections ensure that you have brand new wallpaper waiting for you every day, keeping your screens fresh and exciting.

    But that's not all. MyScreen offers a wide range of customization options, including contemporary themes, new icons, useful widgets, keyboard themes, and top screen packs. The app goes above and beyond by providing animated charging animations that add a touch of fun to the mundane task of charging your device.

    Unique features of MyScreen:

    • 3-in-1 themes
    • Charging animation
    • Custom lock screen and depth wallpapers

    Price: Free | from $4.99 per week | $9.99 per month | from $24.99 per year

    Link download:


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    TeraBox is a popular app available for iPhone users that revolutionizes the way we store and manage our files. With an easy-to-use interface and powerful features, TeraBox offers a convenient and secure solution for managing all of our digital assets.

    TeraBox stands out for its unlimited storage capacity. Users no longer have to worry about running out of space on their devices as TeraBox provides a secure cloud storage platform to store all of their files. Whether it's photos, videos, documents, or any other file type, TeraBox ensures that users have ample space to keep their important data safe and accessible.

    In addition to its unlimited storage, TeraBox also offers seamless file synchronization across multiple devices. This means that users can access their files from anywhere, at any time, ensuring that they have their important documents or cherished memories readily available when needed.

    Unique features of TeraBox:

    • 1024GB of free cloud storage
    • Multiple privacy protections
    • Intelligent classified album

    Price: Free | from $2.99 per month

    Link download:


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    Looking for a seamless and efficient way to brainstorm, plan, and organize your ideas all in one place? Look no further than the Notion app, a must-have for both students and professionals alike. Available for iOS devices, this app offers a wide array of features and functionalities that make it one of the best productivity tools out there.

    What sets Notion apart is its infinite storage space, thanks to its cloud-based saving system. You never have to worry about running out of space for all your notes and ideas. With Notion, you can easily drag and drop elements to create your personalized dashboard, website, document, or tasks.

    With over 20 content categories to choose from, you can create various types of documents to suit your needs. One standout feature of Notion is its nested pages, which eliminate the need for folders and simplify organization. Additionally, you can invite your teammates to collaborate, easily share pages, include comments, and work together in real time.

    Unique features of Notion:

    • Very powerful
    • Easy to customize
    • Generous free version

    Price: Free | from $4 per month

    Link download:


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