Top 8 Best Bagels In Boston

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You'll find extreme loyalty when it comes to favorites, but the common denominator of the best bagels in Boston is that they deliver on both texture and flavor — dense and chewy with layers. The outside is a bit crispy. The flavors run the gamut from classic plain to flavor bombs for everything to more extreme options like chocolate chip or jalapeno-cheddar. These bagels know how to stuff their delicious ingredients with delicious ingredients that are sure to leave you satisfied. If you're looking for a better breakfast option, check out this list of the top 8 best bagels in Boston.

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Rosenfeld’s Bagels

Rosenfeld Bagels took first place on the list of best bagels in Boston. Rosenfeld's Bagels was founded in 1973 after founder Marc Rosenfeld tried a local Boston bagel offered as a snack during a late night study session by one of his Suffolk University School of Law friends. "I think I can do better," he told his friends. This unexpected gem, slightly hidden below street level in Newton, has been baking bagels (certified kosher) since 1973. The modest entrance belies the vast array of bagels on offer, which includes potato, sunflower, caraway, and marble varieties. Smoked fish and cream cheese spreads are plentiful; for a sweet treat, try mocha chip.

While it appeared that this Suffolk Law student knew nothing about baking, Marc Rosenfeld was the ideal candidate to open the Boston area's best bagel shop. Marc, you see, had worked for one of the best bagel shops in Westwood, New Jersey while studying at Rutgers. His recipes and techniques were exquisite, and it wasn't long before the idea of providing the best bagel in Boston became more than just a fun idea; it quickly became a business.

Google Rating: 4.7/5.0
Address: 1280 Centre St, Newton, MA 02459
Contact: +1 617-527-8080
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In Cambridge, Massachusetts, Bagelsaurus are a modern bagel bakeshop and café specializing in handmade, slow-fermented bagels. They coax five simple ingredients and a decades-old sourdough culture into a chewy, crackly, uniquely flavorful version of your favorite breakfast bread over 24 hours of patience and fermentation. Bagelsaurus was founded in 2013 by Mary Ting Hyatt as a weekly pop-up at Cutty's sandwich shop in Brookline. Motivated by a lack of bagel options in the Boston area, she built a fan base of'sea salt bagel w/ honey-rosemary cream cheese' devotees before opening her own shop in her hometown.

A decades-old sourdough starter and 24 hours of fermentation elevate these handmade bagels above the competition, explaining the long lines. The chewy texture and crackly crust make each variety perfect as-is, untoasted, but you can top with a variety of classic or unusual spreads such as honey rosemary cream cheese, mustard butter, and beet hummus. With a small interior and only a few tables, you'll most likely have to wait in a long, but well worth it, line. After noticing the severe lack of bagel options in the Boston area, owner Mary Ting Hyatt opened the popular Cambridge breakfast spot. Each sourdough bagel is made in house and ferments for at least 24 hours in order to achieve the perfect crunchy exterior and chewy interior. Try a signature sandwich on your choice of bread, or opt for a smear of one of their house-made cream cheeses.

Google Rating: 4.7/5.0
Address: 1796 Massachusetts AveCambridge02140
Contact: 857-285-6103
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Black Sheep Bagel Cafe

Black Sheep Bagel Cafe ranks 3rd on the list of best bagels in Boston. 101 Magazine Street in the Cambridgeport neighborhood is now officially open! Their cafe has a location at the market. Every day, they bring in fresh bagels and sell them alongside all of the spreads and toppings you'll need to make your own Black Sheep Bagel sandwich. Currently, they offer hot coffee, tea, cold brew, and cold brew lattes. They have a large selection of specialty grocery items and daily necessities in a small space, and they also bring in fresh breakfast pastries and breads from other local bakeries such as Union Square Donuts and Nashoba Brook Bakery.

The size of their very small kitchen, as well as the availability of their bagel bakers to hand roll each and every bagel, determine their baking capacity. They are currently baking at their maximum capacity every day due to these two constraints and are unable to accept bulk orders. On weekdays, a bulk order is defined as more than 4 As-Is bagels per party, and on weekends, more than 1 As-Is bagel per person.

Google Rating: 4.6/5.0

Address: 101 Magazine St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Contact: 617-945-2189

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Kupel’s Bakery

Kupel’s Bakery opended in 1978 at the original Bagel King location. To open the bakery, it took two years of renovations and a lifetime of savings. Business was slow at first as the owners, Allan and Diane Kupelnick, established a reputation for high-quality products. It took about two years before things really got going, and while they considered making donuts, they decided to focus on bagels instead. There are a variety of bagels available at all times, all of which are hand-made. They also made breads, birthday cakes, and pastries, but their main focus was always bagels and being Kosher.

Kupel's, which has been around for generations near Coolidge Corner in Brookline, is a go-to bagel spot without the crowds. Choose from simple flavors like poppy, cinnamon raisin, onion, rye, pumpernickel, or blueberry. There are also a variety of cream cheeses to slather on your chewy bagel, as well as a large selection of bagel sandwiches named after Boston neighborhoods. Kupel's rugelach and classic Jewish pastries get extra points.

After many years, the owners decided to sell the company to the family of their long-term employee and then store manager. They have placed their well-deserved and hard-earned reputation for producing delicious and high-quality kosher products in their hands. They strive to maintain the high quality of the products while continuing to provide the best service to their loyal and dedicated customers as the manager for over 20 years, familiar with the products as well as the nature of the business. They have been recognized as one of the best bagel shops in the Boston/Brookline area, as well as nationally, thanks to their customers.

Google Rating: 4.5/5.0
Address: 421 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02445
Contact: (617) 566-9528
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Finagle A Bagel

Finagle A Bagel ranks 5th on the list of best bagels in Boston. Finagle is not as large as you might think! While these bagels are available in grocery stores, they are really only available from a small local chain. When you go to a real store, the fresh bagels are surprisingly tasty even without toasting. Try out-of-the-ordinary flavors like onion honey grain, asiago, French toast, or chocolate chip in addition to the classics.

They have been hand-boiling, hand-baking, hand seeding, hand-flipping, and hand-baking their bagels in Boston since 1998. Their bagels are made in small batches in rotary ovens with only the best ingredients. They have two retail locations in Boston, and their bagels can be found in supermarket bakery and dairy departments. They are dedicated to their communities throughout Boston.

From their made-to-order sandwiches to their fresh daily bagels, they have it all. To match the quality of their bagels, all of their cream cheese is made in-house, eggs are cracked fresh, and soups are made from family recipes. Their catering menu includes the freshest breakfast, lunch, and bakery items. They make their bagels from scratch with high-quality ingredients. They deliver and set up for events throughout Boston and the surrounding area.

Google Rating: 4.3/4
Address: 535 Boylston Street, Boston
Contact: 617.266.2500
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Pavement Coffeehouse

Pavement Coffee House ranks 6th on the list of best bagels in Boston. This neighborhood coffeehouse chain offers dense, chewy bagels as well as freshly roasted specialty coffees. The kettle-boiled bagels are available in a variety of flavors, including sun-dried tomato and diablo spreads. There is a selection of vegan spreads as well as a full menu of bagel sandwiches. They are inspired by the city's energy—how the pavement connects us and belongs to everyone. The city streets take us where they want to go and, in the end, can bring us together.

Pavement Coffee house was founded in 2009 with the intention of establishing a distinct, personal, and inspired coffee scene in Boston. They wanted a space that was eclectic yet approachable, highlighting the coffees that they were most excited about and serving them with purpose. With this in mind, they showcased their craft coffee by constructing a gathering place for Boston's many vibrant neighborhoods and subcultures—a coffeehouse where everyone feels welcome.

They source their coffees from family-owned farms and regional co-ops all over the world, and they collaborate with ethical exporters and like-minded importers to bring in fresh and in-season coffees. They strive for balance and nuance in their roasting, and they always strive to highlight the unique qualities of each coffee.

Google Rating: 4.1/5.0
Address: 1243 Commonwealth Ave.Allston, MA 02134
Contact: 617-789-4000
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Bagel Table

Bagel Table has grown from a pop-up to a mini-chain. All of the classics are available, as well as the "Chestnut Hill," a challah bagel that pays homage to the chain's origins. This spot is great at any time of day thanks to its menu of specialty sandwiches and breakfast sandwiches. At the heart of the Bagel Table, they want to build community-focused stores where people can come in and enjoy their fresh bagels, catch up with friends, or take home their delectable treats for the family.

They serve "crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside" New York-style bagels. They began appearing at various pop-up locations in 2015. Customers repeatedly requested that they open permanent locations in their communities. In January 2018, they opened their first permanent location in Chestnut Hill, and the community response was overwhelming. They've been fortunate that the Bagel Table's success has allowed us to expand into a variety of communities near you. Check back frequently to see where new locations will be opening.

Google Rating: 4.0/5.0
Address: 86 Guest Street, Brighton, MA 02135
Contact: 617-208-8232
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Levend is at the bottom of the list of best bagels in Boston. This bakery in the Boston Public Market offers flavors like pepper jack, herb cheddar, and sourdough. Their hot and fresh bagels are delicious, but what makes Levend stand out are their frozen bagels. Order a dozen for pickup or delivery and you'll always have a fresh bagel on hand.

Their name is derived from the Dutch word for alive or living, which is essential in the magical transformation of flour, water, and salt into the wonderful leavened bagels and loaves that they adore. Each of their products' journey begins with their sourdough culture, which provides the spark for the rising process. It takes 48 hours from the time they are mixed until they are ready to be boiled and baked to achieve the perfect crackling crust and soft chewy interior, thanks to King Arthur Organic Flour and organic malt extract. Their mission is to provide the best baked goods possible by sourcing the highest quality local and organic ingredients and committing to perfection by handshaping each bagel, running endless test batches, and incorporating your feedback into each of their final products.

They began baking out of a shared commercial kitchen while searching for the perfect retail location and scaling up their recipes after years of dreaming, testing recipes, and extensive sampling of breads and baked goods from around the world. After receiving such positive feedback on their bagels and housemade cream cheese, they decided to establish a permanent stall at the Boston Public Market in July 2016. They are thrilled to be surrounded by a community of food producers and entrepreneurs who are equally committed to supporting the local economy and promoting all that their region has to offer.

Google Rating: N/a

Address: 12C Monaghan Street, Newry

Contact: (617) 945-6123


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