Top 10 Best Music Apps for Android

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Technology has made music essential in our lives, especially for Android users. This article explores the best music apps for Android, with loads of features ... read more...

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    Musicolet ranks first in the list of best music apps for Android, offering a plethora of desirable features that you don't often find in other music player apps. What sets Musicolet apart is its commitment to providing a truly offline experience, a lightweight user interface, and a small APK size. No need to worry about data usage or slow loading times!

    is exceptional because of its multiple queues feature, which is quite rare among music player apps. This allows users to organize and switch between different playlists with ease easily. On top of that, it also includes an equalizer, a tag editor, support for embedded lyrics, widgets for convenient access, and even a folder browsing option.

    What truly makes Musicolet stand out is its no-nonsense approach. It is specifically designed for those who simply want a music player that plays music without any unnecessary clutter or distractions. The best part is that Musicolet is completely free, with no in-app purchases. To add to its appeal, Musicolet does not display any advertisements due to its lack of Internet access.

    Things to like about Musicolet:

    • Multiple queues
    • Earphone controls
    • Android Auto support
    • Stunning HomeScreen Widgets

    Price: Free

    Link download:


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    Looking for a convenient way to enjoy music that's not stored on your phone? Look no further than Plexamp! This amazing app lets you effortlessly stream music from your computer through your Plex server at home and onto your phone. With its sleek and minimalist user interface, Plexamp offers a visually appealing experience that enhances your music listening.

    Plexamp stands out with its unique feature of temporarily downloading songs to your phone for offline listening. This means you can enjoy your favorite tunes even without an internet connection. Additionally, Plexamp also offers true gapless playback, there are no awkward pauses between tracks, providing a seamless listening experience. Loudness leveling ensures that all your songs play at a consistent volume, eliminating the need for constant volume adjustments.

    Now, you might be worried about the cost of such a feature-packed app. But fear not! Plex only charges a reasonable monthly fee of $4.99, which not only covers Plexamp but also regular Plex. This means you'll have access to a vast library of video content as well. So, you're getting incredible value for your money.

    Things to like about Plexamp:

    • Variety of audio file formats
    • High-resolution audio
    • Create your playlists

    Price: Free | $4.99 per month | $39.99 per year

    Link download:


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    Omnia Music Player

    Omnia Music Player is a feature-rich and versatile music player app that brings a seamless listening experience to music enthusiasts. With its sleek and intuitive interface, it offers a user-friendly way to organize and enjoy your music collection on your mobile device.

    Omnia Music Player is equipped with a robust audio engine that ensures top-notch audio playback quality. It supports a wide selection of audio formats, including popular ones like MP3, FLAC, WAV, and AAC. The built-in equalizer allows users to personalize the sound to their liking, enhancing the overall music-listening experience.

    Managing your music library is a breeze with the advanced library management system provided by Omnia Music Player. You can effortlessly organize and filter your music collection by artist, album, genre, and playlist. Moreover, the smart search function allows for quick and easy access to specific songs or albums.

    Things to like about Omnia Music Player:

    • Free of advertisements
    • Lossless audio support such as APE
    • OpenSL / AudioTrack-based output methods

    Price: Free | $4.99

    Link download:


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    Shuttle Music Player

    If you're looking for an outstanding offline music player for your Android device, Shuttle Music Player is a good choice. This amazing player offers a wide range of features and is the ideal upgrade from the original Shuttle Music Player. What makes Shuttle Music Player stand out is that it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using Kotlin, resulting in a noteworthy enhancement in speed, reliability, and a sleek user interface.

    Shuttle Music Player allows users to specify folders to scan and read file tags, making sure that your music library is accurate and dependable. The player also supports the FLAC and Opus codecs natively, offering high-quality audio playback. Additionally, it allows for seamless music streaming from Emby, Plex, or Jellyfin media servers.

    Moreover, Shuttle Music Player includes a custom-built 10-band equalizer with a frequency response graph, enabling you to fine-tune your audio to perfection. The player also supports Android Auto, allowing you to control your music playback conveniently while on the road.

    Things to like about Shuttle Music Player:

    • Podcasts and Internet radio
    • Lyrics support
    • Folder browsing

    Price: Free | from $0.99 per month

    Link download:


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    Deezer is a popular music streaming platform that caters to music lovers around the world. Launched in 2007, the service offers users access to a vast library of over 56 million tracks, including a wide range of genres and artists. With its user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations, Deezer provides a streamlined experience for both casual listeners and avid music enthusiasts.

    As one of the best music apps for Android, Deezer can create customized playlists based on users' listening habits and preferences. This personalized approach allows users to discover new music and helps to ensure a tailored experience with every session. Furthermore, the platform offers a comprehensive catalog of radio stations and podcasts, enabling users to explore different audio content beyond just songs.

    offers both free and premium subscription plans, allowing users to choose the option that best meets their needs. The premium plans offer ad-free listening, high-quality audio streaming, and the ability to download songs for offline listening.

    Things to like about Deezer:

    • Huge music library
    • Well-designed user interface
    • Lyric translation

    Price: Free | $9.99 per month | $99.90 per year

    Link download:


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    Stellio is an exceptional music player that offers an array of remarkable features, making it stand out from its competitors. With its support for playlists, various views, and themes, Stellio provides an immersive music listening experience. But that's not all - Stellio goes above and beyond by allowing users to search and access lyrics online, which can then be enjoyed offline as well.

    Furthermore, Stellio boasts above-average audio codec support, ensuring that your music is played with exceptional quality. The inclusion of widgets, customization settings, and extras like crossfade and a tag editor further enhance the overall user experience, allowing for personalized and tailored music playback.

    For those looking to maximize their listening experience, Stellio offers a premium version priced at $4.99. This version not only removes ads but also adds an assortment of tempting themes to choose from. Additionally, users have the option to purchase individual themes for a modest cost of $1.99 each. However, for true music enthusiasts looking for an all-inclusive package, the premium version priced at $14.99 is available, providing access to every theme available.

    Things to like about Stellio:

    • Powerful audio engine
    • Advanced audio effects
    • Integration with
    • Smart playlists

    Price: Free / $4.99 - $14.99

    Link download:


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    When discussing the best music apps for Android, it would be remiss not to mention Spotify, which has undoubtedly become a household name in recent years. Boasting a vast catalog of songs, this highly acclaimed streaming service has managed to captivate millions with its curated playlists and diverse array of radio stations.

    While Spotify does offer a free version that is accompanied by advertisements, users also have the option to upgrade to its premium offering, ensuring an uninterrupted, ad-free experience. By subscribing to premium, users can also take advantage of additional features such as offline listening and enhanced audio quality, further enhancing their overall music streaming experience.

    However, what truly distinguishes Spotify from other competing platforms is its impressive recommendation algorithm. By carefully analyzing an individual's distinct musical preferences, Spotify can offer personalized recommendations that are perfectly tailored to each user's taste. This exceptional feature has undoubtedly established Spotify as the go-to choice for music enthusiasts all over the globe.

    Things to like about Spotify:

    • Personalized playlists
    • Song lyrics
    • Podcasts and audio content
    • Offline listening

    Price: Free | from $9.99 per month

    Link download: 4,3


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    YouTube Music

    YouTube Music has rapidly become a favorite platform for Android users seeking a vast collection of music options. With its extensive library, which includes official songs, covers, remixes, and music videos, YouTube Music offers an immersive musical experience like no other. Fueled by its algorithm-based "Hotlist" feature, this platform effortlessly recommends trending songs and creates personalized playlists tailored to your unique listening habits.

    Moreover, YouTube Music is all about versatility, allowing users to seamlessly alternate between audio and video content to suit their preferences and enhance their music exploration. Although the free version of YouTube Music comes with occasional ads, the option to upgrade to YouTube Music Premium is available, granting you uninterrupted ad-free listening pleasure. By subscribing to this premium version, you unlock a whole new level of musical enjoyment, making your experience truly VIP-worthy.

    Things to like about
    Youtube Music:

    • Personalized recommendations
    • Extensive music library
    • Background play
    • Integration with YouTube

    Price: Free / from $9.99 per month

    Link download:


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    Tidal is a popular music streaming service that offers a vast library of high-quality music. While initially launched on iOS devices, it has expanded its reach to Android, ensuring that Android users can now enjoy the benefits of Tidal's premium music experience.

    The audio quality on Tidal is exceptional. Their HiFi streaming tier provides lossless audio, ensuring a top-tier listening experience. This makes Tidal the perfect choice for music lovers and audiophiles looking for the best sound quality while enjoying their favorite songs.

    Additionally, Tidal offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and explore. Users can easily search for their favorite artists, albums, and songs, ensuring that they can quickly find the music they love. The app also provides curated playlists, personalized recommendations, and exclusive content, allowing users to discover new music and enjoy unique experiences.

    Furthermore, Tidal integrates seamlessly with other Android devices and services. Users can enjoy Tidal on their smartphones, and tablets, and even stream music to compatible smart speakers or TVs. The app also supports Android Auto, allowing users to listen to their favorite music while on the road.

    Things to like about Tidal:

    • High-quality audio
    • Exclusive content and artist collaborations
    • Curated playlists and personalized recommendations
    • Multiple subscription options

    Price: Free | from $9,99 per month

    Link download:


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    AIMP is an incredibly powerful and flexible audio player and multimedia management tool. Its sleek and user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and effortless navigation experience for all users. With support for a wide array of audio formats, AIMP is the perfect choice for individuals with extensive audio collections.

    is renowned for its excellent sound quality. It utilizes advanced audio processing algorithms to deliver crystal-clear audio playback, providing an immersive listening experience. Additionally, AIMP supports various audio effects and equalizer presets, allowing users to customize their sound to their preferences.

    also offers a comprehensive set of features for managing and organizing music files. It includes a built-in music library that automatically organizes tracks by album, artist, and genre. Users can create playlists, edit tags, and rate songs to easily find and enjoy their favorite tracks.

    Furthermore, AIMP provides advanced playback options, such as speed control, audio crossfading, and the ability to listen to internet radio streams. It also supports plugins and extensions, allowing users to enhance its functionality according to their specific needs.

    Things to like about AIMP:

    • LastFM scrobbles
    • Bookmark and playback queue creation
    • Multiple playlists, one per tab
    • CUE sheet support

    Price: Free

    Link download:


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