Top 5 Best Online Collaboration Courses

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Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together for a common purpose to achieve goals. Collaboration improves the way your team works ... read more...

  1. Is it true that leaders are born or made? Learn the skills you'll need to develop and expand your leadership skills, create collaborative teams, and craft win-win negotiation strategies. Collaboration at a High Level: The focus of Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation is on leadership, teamwork, and negotiation. Students will conduct self-assessments to determine their leadership style, create team charters to improve their groups, and devise a negotiation strategy.

    Leadership comes naturally – for a select few. For most, it is a skill that requires self-awareness, practice, and diligence. Students will learn what leadership is and isn't in this course, with an emphasis on teamwork and negotiation skills. The course will cover leadership styles, emotional and organizational intelligence. Decision-making, people savvy, goal-setting, conflict resolution, listening and persuasion, and team-building are among other topics. The content will be delivered via videos and readings, with mastery assessed via quizzes and peer-reviewed assignments such as creating team charters and negotiation planning documents.


    • Learn the skills required to be a leader through self-assessment assignments
    • Develop your negotiation skills to resolve conflicts in teams
    • Enhance team collaborations with effective team-building strategies
    • With quizzes and readings, develop your knowledge and skills for running a successful business

    Duration: Approx. 14 hours to complete
    4.8 out of 5
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  2. In today’s workplace, professionals don’t work alone, and rarely work with just one other person. More often, you are required to work in groups to strategize, design solutions, ideate, motivate, manage, and execute. This course, one of the best online collaboration courses, is a part of the Soft Skills Certification Program offered by the Rochester Institute of Technology on edX, complements business communication skills and expands those competencies to provide a foundation for decision-making, consensus-building, and problem-solving within a group environment.

    The course centers around business communication among different team members in the corporate atmosphere. The course shares techniques for preparing teams, strategizing, resolving conflicts, and motivating employees to strive for a healthy work environment. Those who register have to perform team building activities followed by evaluating their performance. You can get certified by paying an additional amount. This is a sharable certificate that you can add to your resume.


    • Understand behavioral patterns to make teams that can work together effectively
    • Learn methods to keep team members motivated and carry out group activities to boost collaboration
    • Develop your leadership skills to thrust your decision-making and conflict-solving capabilities
    • Learn team dynamics to enable smooth and seamless team collaborations

    Duration: 3 Weeks/ 4–6 hours per week
    4.4 out of 5

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  3. LinkedIn Learning has curated a number of courses to help people improve their collaboration skills and develop the ability to work in a group setting. With more people working from home, it's more important than ever to keep teams on the same page no matter where they are.

    You will receive tutorials on a variety of online tools that enable team collaboration, such as Microsoft Team, OneDrive, Visio, Zoom, and others. Some courses will teach you how to read people's body language in order to learn more about them. You'll also learn how to resolve team conflicts or take preventative measures to avoid them.


    • Develop your leadership skills through effective team communication
    • Learn about tools that can be handy for sharing work and resources among teams
    • Make the most of team meetings by communicating concisely
    • Learn interpersonal communication to convey your insights clearly
    • Understand how to read body language to deduce non-verbal messages
    Duration: Variable
    4.5 out of 5
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  4. When it comes to getting things done, collaboration is crucial. This is true not only for a team within an organization, but also for the company's overall success. Conflicts, in most cases, are observed to delay productivity and result in a loss. To overcome all of this, enroll Mastering Collaboration: Work together for the best results, one of the best online collaboration courses in Udemy, will teach you how to collaborate more effectively in order to complete tasks more quickly and effectively. You'll learn how collaborations can help organizations grow and achieve desired outcomes by looking at examples from various industries.

    In this course, you will learn the benefits of collaboration and why it is such an important part of how businesses get work done today, how to ensure collaborative teams within a company work successfully, as well as what you need to create and support a thriving collaborative culture. Whether you're an employee, a manager, or an executive, by the end of this course, you'll know how to lead by example in your company by forming effective groups and incorporating collaboration into both your company's goals and values for long-term success.


    • Learn the benefits of collaboration to develop a healthy work atmosphere
    • Understand how to make teams and put efforts into taking collaborative measures
    • Carry out team activities to boost communication within teams
    • Devise methods to ease online collaborations across multiple teams based out of different locations
    • Learn how to minimize differences and conflicts through open communication

    Duration: 1 Hour
    4.4 out of 5

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  5. People frequently collaborate in the workplace, where they come together to cooperate and work on a strategic project in order to achieve a common goal. It's simply teamwork taken to the next level, and it's become a more efficient way of working. Collaboration occurs most frequently in small groups, such as functional teams, time-limited project teams, or cross-functional management teams. When people work together effectively, they use their emotional intelligence to balance emotional needs with their thinking, build authentic relationships, and make good decisions on behalf of the company. There is exemplary communication with empathy that engages hearts and minds whether working one-on-one, in small groups, or in large teams. This happens at all levels of the company.

    Collaboration and Emotional Intelligence, one of the best online collaboration courses, will teach you how to collaborate with others in ways that will help you communicate more effectively while learning to understand and work with differences in order to achieve effective collaboration. Furthermore, the skills, processes, and tools you'll learn in this course can be applied to other areas of your life. Positive and negative emotions are frequently discussed. This isn't very useful because emotions can't be labeled in that way. The course also debunks common misconceptions about positive and negative emotions, explaining why this terminology is ineffective when attempting to understand emotions and emotional intelligence in the workplace.

    The course covers all aspects of collaborative working, with a focus on win-win collaboration that benefits all parties involved. The characteristics, principles, and modes of collaboration are examined in order to provide you with a much more comprehensive understanding of how to get the most out of collaboration. The course also discusses trust and how to build it as you collaborate with others.


    • Understand the advantages of team collaborations
    • Identify your collaboration pattern and interact accordingly with different people and teams
    • Work with varying levels of management by developing interpersonal skills for effective communication
    • Understand the role of Emotional Intelligence for effective collaboration
    • Implement strategies and methods for collaboration

    Duration: 3 Hours
    4.5 out of 5

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